Top host concludes Obama ‘craziest man on earth’

By Kathy Shaidle

121211obamaconfusedMichael Savage

Top-rated radio host Dr. Michael Savage called President Obama “the craziest man on earth” after he announced his plan to send U.S. troops into African Ebola zones.

“They could come back to America infected with the virus,” Savage warned his audience.

Obama, he continued, has “already brought infected children into the country and destroyed our health-care system at the same time. Is it possible the president is insane?” (Free audio).

“A nation lives and dies by ideas,” Savage declared earlier this week, reminding listeners, “America was born of an idea. And it’s the lack of ideas – or should I say, the ideas of liberals, that are killing this nation.”

Dr. Savage added that a robot “programmed with the Constitution” could do a better job running America than “any so-called ‘progressive’ politician” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

“Hell freezes over.”

That’s how WND described it when Rush Limbaugh blasted Republican insiders for their uninspiring, unprincipled “messaging.”

“I can remember back in the days, the Reagan years, it was exciting to be a Republican. We knew what we supported. … It was something to be very proud of and excited about. You wanted to be part of it; you wanted to help it. I just don’t feel anything like that now,” Limbaugh complained.

Earlier in the week, Limbaugh courted controversy with his remarks about sexual consent, specifically his rhetorical question to listeners: “How many of you guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that ‘no’ means ‘yes’ if you know how to spot it?”

Besides the usual demands that sponsors and stations to drop Limbaugh’s show, Democrats arguably went too far when they used his comments as part of a fundraising appeal.

As one website reported, even some liberals were disgusted: “Using rape to build lists is just wrong, and they’d slam any Republican doing it,” one Democratic campaign strategist wrote in an email. “Limbaugh’s comments are disgusting, and should be called out, but this is the wrong way of doing it.”

Aaron Klein

Broadcasting live from New York City’s “Ground Zero,” investigative broadcaster Aaron Klein looked into the latest ISIS threats, which purportedly include attacks on Times Square.

Klein also talked about his new book, “The REAL Benghazi Story.” The groundbreaking book examines Hillary Clinton’s role in the scandal, what really happened to Ambassador Stevens, why air support wasn’t sent in and much more.

Special guest Ambassador John Bolton joined Klein to talk about Hillary Clinton’s rumored run for the White House and his own presidential ambitions (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Levin trashed Elizabeth Warren’s troubling response to a self-described “Holocaust refugee” who accused Israel of Nazi-like committing war crimes.

“Why doesn’t Elizabeth Warren go over and have a little chat with Hamas?” Levin wondered sarcastically. “I’ll tell you why: Because she’d be in the next video in the middle of the desert” being beheaded, he added (Free audio).

Later in the week, Levin warned of “a revolt going on with the top generals and Obama.”

“I’m not talking about tanks pulling up to the White House and so forth,” he explained. “These men are trying to communicate to the American people that they are military men and we cannot defeat this enemy unless we use all of our armed forces and armed services. … Obama does not view this as a military action. He keeps telling us it’s not a war, it’s not a war. For him, the truth is it’s about politics. It’s about containing this issue politically for him so he can focus on fundamentally transforming America. And this is a very serious matter to understand” (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham issued a challenge to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and other pro-amnesty millionaires: If they love “open borders” so much, why don’t they leave the gates to their mansions unlocked?

“How far do you think a trespasser would get into the Zuckerberg compound?” she asked. “Would they get amnesty, if they tried to breach his security, would they receive a slap on the wrist? … Then don’t tell us that, as a nation, we can’t have the same type of territorial integrity that you maintain in your own home setting” (Free audio).

Also this week, Ingraham talked to experts about the possibility that Ebola has spread across the U.S. southern border and argued with Charles Krauthammer about his pro-amnesty views (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Bill Maher has yet to respond to Glenn Beck’s invitation to appear on his program.

Beck was impressed with Maher’s surprising comments on Charlie Rose’s show, in which the “Politically Incorrect” comedian challenged Rose’s view that Islam and Christianity were equally violent.

“Beck also pointed out that Maher is absolutely correct about the hypocrisy of the U.S. condemning recent beheadings by ISIS while maintaining a friendly relationship with Saudi Arabia where beheadings are common,” reported Beck’s website,

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