Eric Holder

Eric Holder

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After six bumpy years of controversial service, the besieged but bolstered Attorney General Eric Holder resigned. But is this close friend and confidant of President Obama really stepping down for some benign reason at a critical time in our country, or is there another much more sinister and strategic plan behind it all?

First, it’s far more than a coincidence that this leading U.S. prosecuting lawyer is leaving office with more unanswered questions about crucial life-death national dilemmas than any previous attorney general. While most have been accused of sitting on issues, none as Holder have been so assailed in personally stonewalling investigations, covering up government involvement and refusing to deal with such politically explosive controversies or prosecute such monumental crimes as the Fast and Furious debacle, Benghazi tragedy, NSA wiretappings, press infringements, drone attacks on U.S. citizens, IRS scandals, 9/11 terrorist prosecutions, etc., in which so many Americans rights were infringed and lives affected.

The Bronx-born 63-year-old Holder proudly boasted that he had “taken steps to protect the environment,” took swift action in Ferguson and even opened a broad probe into the police department there. However, he – like our president and even Secretary of State Kerry – hasn’t said a single word over the entire last six months during which U.S. Marine reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been wrongly imprisoned in Mexico.

Sadly, it has been recently reported that Sgt. Tahmooressi, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is “highly despondent” due to the drastic deterioration of his mental health. And still, Holder refuses to speak up on behalf of this suffering, imprisoned American patriot.

Can you say resignation of denial and avoidance?

If Obama invoked executive privilege when Holder sat before Congress to protect him from his role in Fast and Furious, who’s to say he isn’t protecting him again – or vice versa – through Holder’s own resignation? What better way to avoid the line of fire than to move completely out of the way? And what if Obama and Holder are not only protecting themselves from some past public sin through his resignation but also prepping Holder for some future position by his absence from the public stage?

That’s exactly what Rush Limbaugh proposed last week. He explained the scary scenario this way:

After you perform your six years of government service, you then retire to the private sector and get paid off for it. People hire you who are grateful for what you did or you go back to your law firm where you are a rainmaker, don’t even have to do any work.

They put your name on the letterhead, on the door, and you attract clients and get a percentage of what walks in the door. There is any number of ways this can happen. But there’s also another possibility regarding Eric Holder. I just want you to prepare yourself. It may happen. We still have two years to go.

There may be a Supreme Court vacancy, and I can see Barack Obama nominating Eric Holder to fill it, and it would be much easier for Eric Holder to make the jump from private sector law firm rainmaker after six years at DOJ to the Supreme Court, than from DOJ straight to the Supreme Court. I don’t know how much that would matter, but don’t rule any of that out. I don’t think there’s any scandal. I don’t think it’s Fast and Furious. I don’t think he’s worried about the Republicans investigating anything if they win the Senate.

It is worthy to note that Rahm Emmanuel resigned as Obama chief of staff two years before the end of the president’s first term to attain the post of Chicago mayor – a resignation like Holder’s that Obama also labeled as “bittersweet.”

Hillary Clinton was next with her resignation as secretary of state to run for the presidency in 2016.

Now, two years before the end of the president’s second term, could Obama and Holder’s scope be set on SCOTUS? As the kings of corrupt calculated chess moves, I believe the odds are incredibly high.

Having finished their insider dirty work, this trinity of terror (Emmanuel, Clinton, and Holder) is being sent out like apostles onto the mission field to infuse Obama’s Cabinet’s secular progressive agenda into the deepest roots of the land.

Liberal legacy and progressive perpetuity is the name of their game and master plan.

(Next week, I will give even more details and evidence for “Obama’s master plan with Eric Holder,” and explain exactly how and when a SCOTUS seat replacement would occur.)

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