I find the general silence about money surrounding the opening of schools in August and September rather interesting.

Instead of the usual, annual complaints that the schools just don’t have enough money to properly teach our children or that they don’t have the money to hire enough good teachers and give them the tools they need to reach the kids, there is general silence.

There are a couple of subjects related to money (or the lack of it) that are being ignored – the potential disaster of Common Core – and how the schools will deal with the flood of illegal-alien children dumped on them by the feds.

The only area of controversy so far, depending on where you live, is the federally mandated Common Core Curriculum.

Yes, I know that the state governors who signed on to the program are said to have done it voluntarily – if you define “voluntary” as doing it under the threat of losing federal funding for other education projects.

Without getting into the deep weeds of Common Core, suffice it to say at this point, that it’s a totally new curriculum filled with revised literature, politically correct history and new and incredibly complicated ways of doing arithmetic.

Parents are told it’s supposed to help children think. I’ve seen it. What it does is beyond logical and will turn kids off of any joy of learning.

It’s worse than the “New Math” forced on schools in the 1960s, which was such a failure, it was finally dumped, leaving in its wake millions of children who can’t do simple calculations.

But the feds are dumping money into the implementation of Common Core – from literally retraining teachers how to teach, to providing new, classroom teaching materials.

Despite that, depending on where you live, your ballot this fall will probably be asking voters to approve more money for local schools.

If you live in California, as I do, it’s a sure thing!

California schools never have enough money. Generally, every ballot has at least one school funding measure on it; frequently more.

In fact, a soon as one is either approved or nixed, there’s another being prepared.

The answer to any school failure is that more money will solve the problems.

So, I’m anxious to see how they’ll handle the influx of thousands of illegal-alien children who have been dumped by the feds into school systems in all 50 states.

The Obama administration literally distributed the children across the country, in virtually all cases, without telling state officials what was happening or how they should handle the influx.

The problem schools face is more than dealing with the pure numbers of additional and unanticipated children but the very practical issues of language, literacy, the lack of education history, medical history, family relationships and just such basic questions as to their knowledge of how to use our facilities and amenities.

Faced with those challenges, there’s no way schools can teach these children much less use Common Core.

So now what? Will the schools have to have parallel classes for American students and the illegals? Can you imagine the uproar about discrimination with something like that?

Then again, if the illegals, their different languages and their educational deficits are placed in classrooms with American children, what effect will that have on our kids?

Will the system tell us to accept any negative effects on American children as part of the price we have to pay as a nation of immigrants?

I suspect that’s exactly what’s going to happen, in one of two ways:

Either the illegals will be placed in classrooms with American students and the attempts to teach them according to our system will not only not help them but will drag down the progress of legal students.

Or there will be separate – but supposedly equal – classrooms for legals and illegals.

Where will they get the classrooms?

What a recipe for disaster!

Are the feds providing money for the thousands of school districts burdened by this influx of illegal aliens?

They’re not saying, nor are they saying anything about the health of these kids and the risk of contagion for our children.

We already know that more than 20 states have been hit with a rare lung enterovirus that is hitting children. Where did it come from? How is it transmitted? Why did it suddenly appear simultaneously with the wave of illegals in our country, children who never were given health screenings before being scattered in the general population?

Perhaps the biggest question is the secrecy perpetuated by the Obama administration.

They sent the kids across the county in secret, say nothing about their health and are keeping American citizens uninformed about this invasion of illegals. There’s no word how it will be paid for.

The Obama administration just decides what’s “best for us” and ignores whether we want it or can afford it or want to deal with the negative side effects.

By ignoring American citizens, Barack Obama has essentially tells us: “Tough!”

Remember that on Election Day and, in the meantime, do everything you can to protect your children.

It’s called homeschooling, parochial school or private school.

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