Our book, “What Women Really Want,” launched this month, and we have traveled the U.S., spoken to women, to men and to people who understand that there is absolutely a war on women.

That war, however, does not exist where the lame-stream media want women to believe it exists. But there is definitely a war on women. There are two.

War on women I

The first war is one where women are being serially gang-raped and stoned to death by Islamists across the world who believe women are only one-fifth of a person. If a woman is raped, under Shariah law, five men must testify that they witnessed the woman being raped. Otherwise, she is stoned to death in front of her friends and family. Christian and Jewish women are being led like lambs to slaughter by Islamists. There is definitely a war on women, but not the one the statist elites in D.C. like to pretend is happening. That is but a ruse designed to distract the simple minded.

Where are the old-school feminists who cussed conservative icons like Phyllis Schlafly and burned their bras in protest of equal pay, in the face of this bloody war on women? Do equal rights not to be stoned matter less than equal pay or birth control?

Where is Hillary on this? If I were GOP leadership, I would be giddy about the thought of a Hillary run. Aside from Benghazi, think about a campaign based on what she never did to stop the real war on women. If she stood passive while Islamic women were raped and stoned to death, what will she passively let happen to women were she president of the United States?

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War on women II

The second war on women happening is domestic and political.

For the last decade, rich, powerful, corrupt entities like Planned Parenthood have told women that their vote is worth $15 per month in free birth control and unlimited access to abortion.

But when we talked to women about what women really want, that isn’t what they said at all.

Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs, and I expanded his hierarchy in a hermeneutical study I did for my Ph.D., so when I analyze someone’s place in life or therapy, I immediately consider where they are in his hierarchy.

In his hierarchy of needs, Maslow describes safety needs just a notch better than base needs (physiological). Sadly, that is where feminists have relegated women to subsist in our culture today. They have removed civility, masculine protections and even what is feminine and unique about women.


When the old feminists took on the Equal Rights Amendment (and lost), they had protections based on cultural mores encoded in American law that protected them. They could, at that time, live well on one income. All they had to do is compete and prove that their skills were as valuable as men’s, and they would be given better pay. They were functioning in the realm of esteem needs, and self-actualization.

Today, women aren’t so lucky. Women were poised to compete, and gain all the equality their hearts desired at that time. Instead, they demanded it, handed their reigns (and votes) over to government, and whined like helpless children to Big Daddy Government to fix it for them!

Since they started their oh-so-classy bra burning about 50 years ago, women have gone from fighting for esteem needs (high-level needs) and self-actualization needs (under the protection of an honorable Judeo Christian culture and law), and they have reduced women to now having to fight only for the much more base need of safety. Was this their goal?

Women with whom we spoke on our book tour are most concerned with safety and security, and that is because of failed foreign policy and open borders exacted on them by the pro-old-feminist administration (including old feminists like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, etc.). Economic security and national security are of grave concern to women today. Open borders give away jobs, especially starter jobs for youth. Open borders let terrorists in our country, and that threatens women’s families and futures. Open borders mean children with unknown, untreatable and, in some cases, latent diseases sit in classrooms with our children. In 50 years of “feminism,” women have only been reduced to the lowest rungs Maslow’s needs hierarchy.

As Gov. Mike Huckabee said:


We, the authors of “What Women Really Want,” were guests on his show over the weekend, and we shared stories from women we have heard as we travel the country. We were called “The most dangerous women to women” based on our work. But we can no longer sit idly by while women and children die, like Hillary seems to be comfortable doing.

Real women feel a dark cloud looming.

War on women III, to come …

Aside from secure streets and secure schools, when the police aren’t there to defend us, women want the ability to defend themselves.


Even for those women who don’t care to ever touch a gun (and that is OK), most still wouldn’t want to take away the rights of other moms to protect their children, their families from abusers, or their homes from tyranny.
But don’t take our word for it.

A new Washington Times/ABC poll proves precisely what we are hearing. Women are waking up to the statist lies about what they really want, and they are pushing back. Obama is at a new low in popularity with women, almost a direct about-face from the numbers he carried with women in his election. About 50 percent of American women disapprove of the job Obama and his cronies have done, and many feel they bought a bill of goods. They know their vote is worth more, and they are ready to stand up for themselves and not be bought off so cheaply.

Make no mistake: America is at a crossroads in its treatment of women and children, and there is very real warring going on all over the world.

I stand by a statement I made on Huckabee’s show (above) that I have been attacked for now in the media: “Women need husbands. Children need fathers. America needs God, and godly leadership.” This is the line in the sand for the #War4Women.

America has to make a decision on whether the days of civility and protection of women and children is gone forever, or whether she will stand to fight for them.

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