Author: Atheists lie about Albert Einstein

By Jim Fletcher

141007einsteinThe author of a best-selling series analyzing the “God views” of famous personalities says atheists are spreading false propaganda about scientific icon Albert Einstein.

Ray Comfort, author of a new look at the founder of the theory of relativity, “Einstein, God & the Bible,” says that skeptics like Richard Dawkins play fast and loose with historical records that show Einstein was, in fact, not an atheist.

Comfort says the “new atheists” are skewing the facts: “In his book ‘The God Delusion,’ atheist Richard Dawkins did precisely what angered Einstein in saying that he was an atheist. When asked if he had a belief in God, Einstein replied, ‘I am not an atheist.’ He even said, ‘The fanatical atheists … are like slaves who are still feeling the weight of their chains which they have thrown off after hard struggle. They are creatures who – in their grudge against traditional religion as the ‘opium for the people’ – cannot bear the music of the spheres.’ Despite this, fanatical atheists still claim him as one of their own. An undeterred Richard Dawkins said, ‘Along with various other sources, this letter finally confirms that Einstein was, in every realistic sense of the word, an atheist.'”

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140930einsteinGodBiblecoverComfort’s new book is creating a stir, especially in evangelical circles, as churches and ministries struggle to help young people retain their faith once they’ve entered college, or the wider world. The founder of The Way of the Master is well-known for his street evangelism and probing questions of skeptics, who are often at a loss how to answer.

“We were going to make a movie to go hand in hand with our book about Hitler [“Hitler, God & the Bible”]. Skeptics and atheists like to claim various historical figures were the opposite of what they in fact believed, and so there were some claiming that Hitler was a Christian! That’s like saying the sun is made of ice – atheists saying Hitler was Christian,” Comfort said.

“So we published the book exposing that Hitler was an idolator; he created a god in his own image,” he continued. “I said to WND, ‘I’ll give you a video to go with it to enhance the book.’ This is when our movie, ‘180’ evolved. We’ve had 4.6 million views on YouTube and sold one million DVDs. That was birthed out of the book, ‘Hitler, God & the Bible’.”

From those beginnings developed a smash book series, eagerly anticipated by fans fascinated by Comfort’s insights into historical figures and their views of God.

The second title raised some eyebrows, but resonated with Baby Boomers: “The Beatles, God & the Bible.” That one especially was close to Comfort’s heart.

“I’ve always quietly loved the Beatles, before they got into drugs,” Comfort said. “Early on it was feel-good music, and every time I hear it, it makes me feel good.”

The Einstein project came about when Comfort tired of hearing atheists like Richard Dawkins attempt to put words in Einstein’s mouth. Comfort realized there was plenty of historical data that would prove the famous scientist was not an atheist.

“Atheists did it for me,” says Comfort. “They continuously said Einstein was an atheist. Richard Dawkins said it. There is a war over whether Einstein was a theist or an atheist. Not a Christian, but a theist.”

Comfort’s years on the evangelism trail have given him keen insights into the thinking of God-deniers.

“Atheists are reverse idolators,” he said. “When you get to a buffet, you get a quick meal for what you want and you can go back for seconds. Idolatry is similar: You go through the Old Testament, for example, and pick out what you want: ‘My god isn’t a god of wrath; he’s a god of mercy only.’

“Dawkins took it further. He didn’t grab the things he liked; he grabbed the horrible things and created a monster,” Comfort explained. “He said, ‘If that’s the god you want, I don’t want anything to do with him.’ Unfortunately, Dawkins has reproduced after his own kind and made clones, joining the tug-of-war over whether Einstein was an atheist.”

Comfort says he has encountered many people who believe they are actually intellectual by demanding there is no God.

“It seems to be intellectual, but it’s not,” Comfort said. “No one is as foolish on this earth as an atheist. Newton said atheism is senseless. That’s a perfect choice of words. To say there is no creator is to not use any of your senses. Atheists believe the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything.”

That, says Comfort, is a matter of personal bias.

“The issue isn’t intellectual; it’s moral,” he concluded. “They don’t want God.”

In his book, Comfort says that the religious community has always been fascinated by Einstein’s personal beliefs.

“Einstein was continuously chased by Christians,” Comfort said. “He embraced Jesus as a great historical figure. However, the way of salvation is foolishness to anyone with a proud heart.”

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