The nation is in a tailspin. The American economy is still largely in shambles, the deadly Ebola virus has been introduced in the United States, and the world – particularly in the Middle East, with Putin’s Hitleresque actions in Ukraine and China with its “Hong Kong” democracy movement – is in turmoil. In short, all is on the verge of exploding internationally as well as domestically.

These dire conditions did not just arise by accident. Sure, “things happen.” But the current state of doom is also largely the result of the actions and non-actions of the so-called leader of the free world – a man who may not have been born in this country, is not a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution to be eligible for the presidency, and who wears his race and religious schooling and heritage on his sleeve. I am taking about Barack Hussein Obama, a man who acts as if he is Muslim and not Christian and who favors his Muslim and African-American brothers over every one else in society.

Because in today’s media world it is not acceptable to tell it like it is, nearly all commentators on cable news and mainstream television, radio and print media try to explain away the destructive actions and non-actions of Obama. With regard to the U.S. economy, they claim that he simply is a liberal and does not understand the capitalist principles of growth. With regard to foreign affairs, they make excuses that he has no experience in these matters and is a weak leader. This is all just politically correct double talk; to say it like it is would get these commentators stricken from such cable and other news outlets like Fox News. While I strongly commend Fox News and its chairman, Roger Ailes, and am thankful that there is one network that will stand up to Obama and the left, it is careful not to “go too far.”

But it is time Fox News and others go the extra mile. While Obama and his comrades can accuse others of racism and other acts to try to put us on the defensive and not question their harmful and illegal conduct, we conservatives and libertarians, Jews and Christians get shouted down or ostracized when we try to speak our mind.

So let me say it again: Obama’s conduct is governed by two overriding considerations: one that he is African-American with an affinity for Africa, and two that he was raised as a Muslim with a Muslim and Kenyan father. Under Islamic law, he is a Muslim, and given his schooling in Islamic schools and religious institutions in Indonesia, he nearly totally identifies with this heritage.

With regard to Obama’s biased, prejudiced actions stemming from his African-American heritage, one need only look to the disastrous socialist Obamacare to see the harm he had done. The simple fact is that this legislation was designed to favor his low-income African-American brothers. While it’s a noble goal to try to create the conditions whereby all Americans can get health insurance, to concoct such a flawed and skewed health-care scheme and then lie to the American people about it, telling them that they would not have to give up or lose their prior health insurance if they desired to keep it, shows that he will go to any length to favor his own creed at the expense of others. So, too, with his decision to allow visitors from Ebola-stricken Africa into the United States when nearly all other civilized countries, particularly European, have banned their entry. And, this is not to mention Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s prejudiced enforcement of civil rights and other laws, where whites like George Zimmerman and now a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, are presumed, without adequate investigation, to have engaged in hate crimes against blacks, when they conveniently overlook all of the fatal attacks on whites by African-Americans, such as the killing of at least six white cops by blacks in my native city of Philadelphia.

Then there is our military and their heroic service in the theaters of Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. Not being able to fire first on their Islamic enemies, for fear that Muslim civilians could be caught in collateral fire, Obama has signed the death sentences not just for the 30 brave men who died in a helicopter crash on a mission called Extortion 17 but thousands of others of our best and brightest who have lost their lives or been seriously maimed and wounded because they could not defend themselves.

In addition, the failure to alert the country about the rise of ISIS and the failure to allow our military to take strong action in Syria to rid the world of this extreme terrorist Muslim caliphate, which has now even provoked the beheading of Americans in this country, is the result of Obama’s identification with his Islamic brothers. He simply has a visceral reaction to taking any action that will harm Muslim civilians, as I wrote in a recent column. To protect them, he will sacrifice Jews and Christians both in civilian life and in the military. He will not even allow our government agencies to label Muslim beheadings and other deadly aggression for what it is: terrorism. In Fort Hood and now in Oklahoma, where the latest Muslim beheading occurred, this is simply called random “workplace violence.”

No, Obama is not incompetent or ill prepared, as politically correct commentators shade it. The African-American “Muslim in Chief” knows exactly what he is doing, and it is done at the expense of the rest of us. As set forth in a deportation petition I filed just today, it’s time that he be deported back to his native country and for him to leave us alone. He has no legitimacy to be president, and he must be tried, convicted and removed from our shores before he destroys everything the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.

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