Leftist media star scorches Obama on live TV

By Joe Kovacs

Tina Brown
Tina Brown

One of the top feminists in America blasted Barack Obama’s handling of numerous crises Monday, claiming the president is actually making women feel unsafe.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Tina Brown, the founder and former editor of the Daily Beast and Newsweek as well as current head of Tina Brown Live Media, explained support for Democrats among women in recent polls has been plummeting because Obama is making women feel “unsafe.”

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“Particularly for women, I don’t think he makes them feel safe. They’re feeling unsafe,” said Brown. “They feel unsafe economically. They’re feeling unsafe with regard to ISIS. They’re feeling unsafe about Ebola. What they feel unsafe about is the government response to different crises.

“And I think that they’re beginning to feel a bit that Obama’s like that guy in the corner office who’s too cool for school, calls a meeting, says this has to change, doesn’t put anything in place to make sure it does change. Then it goes wrong, and he’s blaming everybody.”

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Several prominent personalities, including actress Morgan Brittany and Politichicks CEO Ann-Marie Murrell, who authored “What Women REALLY Want” along with Dr. Gina Loudon, suggested that such perspective isn’t even surprising.

“Of course women feel ‘unsafe,'” Brittany said. “All of the promises out of Obama’s mouth were just empty. He told us what we wanted to hear and now we are finding out that he was all ‘razzle dazzle’ with no substance. Everything has been a lie, and now we are realizing that if someone threatens us, he will hide behind our skirts!”

Murrell said, “Tina Brown is absolutely correct that women don’t feel safe with Barack Obama, but I’ll go farther in saying that the blame lies with his entire administration. As we chronicle in our book ‘What Women Really Want,’ millions of women across the U.S. (myself included) became political activists because of these fears. Our maternal instincts are telling us that this administration is not only a danger to our home and families, but also a potential threat to the security of the entire nation.”

She added, “Women first began feeling unsafe when members of the New Black Panther Party threatened voters with a weapon and Attorney General Eric Holder let them get away with it. They felt unsafe when members of the Mexican drug cartel murdered Border Patrol Agent Bryan Terry, with weapons directly linked to Obama’s administration, and yet to this day no one has been held accountable.

“Women felt unsafe when they learned that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly denied security requests for our embassy in Benghazi. And when the embassy was breached as a result of her neglect, military experts have said that when Obama had the chance to send troops to save our four Americans, he refused. Again, no one has been held accountable and yes, it makes a difference.”

She continued, “More recently women felt unsafe when Lois Lerner wielded the IRS like a mighty weapon and targeted thousands of innocent civilians who were deemed ‘enemies’ of the Obama administration. No one has been held accountable and because of evidence that was ‘mysteriously’ destroyed, no one probably ever will. Women have seen innocent people punished and/or killed while criminals have been lauded. They feel unsafe with an administration that refuses to call Islamic terrorists our enemies, refuses to protect our borders, and ridicules anyone who questions their decisions (or lack thereof).

“Women don’t like bullies – and this administration is the most bullying, condescending, and most dangerous in the history of America,” she said.

Brittany added, “Women can now see that Obama has made their lives more difficult with less opportunity and more fears for the present and the future. This is not a sexist comment, but women want to feel secure. They want to know that they can go to bed at night and feel that there is someone in control who is looking out for them. The general feeling among women right now is that no one is in control, and worse, no one knows what they are doing.

“Never before have we seen as much chaos as we are seeing now,” Brittany said. “Women are very aware of this chaos; maybe even more than men, and they are going to start looking for leaders who have a plan and follow through with it. No more wishy-washy, indecisive, double talking politicians who make grandiose promises and then disappoint us. Women will believe you for awhile, give you the benefit of the doubt, but once they see that you continue to lie and deceive them; then they are done.”

Brown’s remarks were stunning to radio host Rush Limbaugh, who’s on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

“She’s exactly right about this,” said Limbaugh.

“She said women are feeling unsafe about Ebola because of Barack Hussein O., not Republicans, not John Boehner, not me, not the war on women. Tina Brown, who is arguably one of the tent poles of the Democrat media machine, has just said that the reason women are abandoning the Democrat Party, at least in the polling data we have, is because Obama is not making them feel safe.”

Limbaugh continued: “Obama and the left, they think they make a speech on something, it’s fixed. They write a position paper on something, it’s fixed. They call a meeting on something, it’s fixed. Mission accomplished. Got an Ebola problem? Go make a speech. Done. Got a problem with the economy? Go out and do a jobs speech, and then add to it with a jobs seminar at the White House featuring columnists from the New York Times. Job done. Mission accomplished. But, of course, nothing’s changing. Nothing’s being accomplished. Everything is falling apart. Everything is fraying, and it’s not the fault of the Republicans.”

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh said Brown’s remarks have just pulverized the so-called “war on women” which many Democrats claim is being waged by Republicans.

“What war on women?” Limbaugh asked rhetorically. “It’s just been thrown under the bus and overboard, nuked by one of the nation’s leading feminists, Tina Brown.”

“The important thing to remember is Obama is mad, and when Obama gets mad, now the gloves are really gonna come off,” he added.

“He’s gonna take matters into his own hands to solve the problem. And it’s made-to-order for a guy who wants to appear that compassionate, that hands-on.”

“The point of Tina Brown’s comment and all this biz about women aside feeling unsafe, what everybody feels is that nobody in charge knows what they’re doing. That’s what really is permeating the country. There is no confidence that the people in charge are qualified to deal with legitimate crises. There is no confidence in the leadership. That’s what has happened.”

“It’s only starting to dawn on some people now because of the nature of their bias and their partisanship. But I think this is spreading all across the country now, and it’s across partisan lines.”

Limbaugh concluded by noting: “I never knew Tina Brown was racist like this. You have the first African-American president, and she’s out saying that he makes women feel unsafe. Where is her sensitivity to all of this?”

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