Feminism: Today’s Women’s Ku Klux Klan

By David R. Usher

For decades we have wrestled with feminism. Too many men and women still say they are feminists on the assumption feminism seeks equality – a prevarication drilled into our heads by feminists for 50 years.

When you watch the feet and ignore the lips, the primary political and social goals of feminism are obvious. The core feminist agenda all along has been the destruction of marriage, the persecution of men, the killing of unborn children, gratuitous self-victimization and entitling a massive welfare state.

This column is not sensationalist click-bait. It is a brief tour through a real part of American history. What you read here is historical fact. The root ideologies and slogans of feminism as we know it today were drafted by members of the Women’s Ku Klux Klan (WKKK) beginning in the 1880s. This is documented by Kathleen L. Blee in her book “Women of the Klan.”

Below is a brief synopsis of what is proven in “Women of the Klan.”

The WKKK played a controlling role in the KKK. Early feminists in the WKKK demanded great power in the Klan, applying powerful sexual imagery to get it. Women were placed on a pedestal of motherly sexual purity requiring knee-jerk protection from black men. WKKK activists quickly discovered that the power of sexual victimization was just as effective against white men, too.

In the late 1880s, a broadside was published by the Evansville, Indiana, WKKK chapter proclaiming; “No longer will man say that in the hand of woman rests the necessity of rocking a cradle only. She has within her hand the power to rule the world.” This and other early radical feminist mottoes reappeared in the suffragette movement and the 1960s as a core agenda of the “great society” and sexual liberation revolutions.

The WKKK established many memes and institutions still central to contemporary feminism. Motherhood was drudgery. The YWCA was established to offload child care. Abortion of black babies was urged in cohort with Margaret Sanger.

Women exercised sexual power fluently. The movie “Rosewood” documents a white woman claiming rape by a black man to cover up for an affair she was having, resulting in a massacre of blacks in the town of Rosewood, Florida. The KKK was also America’s first child-support collection agency and a prototype for our one-eyed Title IV-D system.

Elizabeth Tyler, the first WKKK grand chief of staff, seized control of the KKK, removing Grand Dragon Simmons by accusing him of sexual improprieties. She replaced him with her paramour whom she controlled along with the membership of the Klan. By 1925, the WKKK had about 4 million members – a very large organization in those days.

One reviewer of Kathleen Blees’ book wrote, “The significance of ‘Women of the Klan’ rests not in its somewhat ebullient celebration of feminist principles, but rather, that it documents in great detail a direct lineage between the Women’s Ku Klux Klan and the radical feminist movement as it exists today. The book draws from a wide variety of historical documents, letters, and in-camera interviews that the author recorded with older women who were still alive at the time the book was written.”

Contemporary feminism still functions on the same visceral sexual-political mechanics as the WKKK. By the 1960s, the feminist machine was now armed with Freudian victim psychology and Kinsey’s sexual liberation agenda, expounded by degreed professional feminists (“women’s studies” majors).

Old Frankfurt school Marxism previously ineffective in America was retargeted by Herbert Marcuse, who theorized that contented middle-class America could be divided and destroyed by a youthful sexual revolution. The rise of Saul Alinsky’s New Marxist movement created a generation of politically powerful young Americans bent on destroying their own country.

The KKK collapsed about the same time radical feminism rose to prominence because feminists re-pointed their agenda at all men, not just black men. They demanded equality, destruction of “the Patriarchy,” evisceration of religion and special protections for “liberated” women.

The only difference between racism and contemporary sexism is the target of social and economic repression. Racism focused on black males, but feminism targets all males.

Racism did not truly end with the rise of feminism. Black males bear the brunt of feminist policy. When boys do not grow up expecting to be fathers and husbands, how can black Americans succeed? Black males, as a group, are the most likely to end up in prison or dead at an early age. The ejection of black men from the own communities is the primary reason they are so easy to recruit into radical masculist Muslim activism.

Meanwhile, black females are provided massive social and educational supports along with preferential treatment getting “apron ready” jobs they are often unqualified for. Welfare is an entitlement for women and a sentence to indentured servitude for men funded by governmental socioeconomic destruction of marriage – especially in the lower classes.

Today, one-third of children are raised by unmarried mothers supported with our tax dollars. Child support is then forcefully collected from low-income men (who must support themselves, too). From a policy perspective, it is madness to destroy marriage with welfare state “income guarantees” that are also recoupments, expecting the poor to lift the poor out of poverty.

Most of these children lack necessary parental and economic resources that cannot be effectively replaced by government. We spend 30 times more per-capita on welfare than China does and wonder why so many children are failing in school. Congress has been unable to balance the budget – so it raises the debt ceiling another notch every few months.

Indeed, as much as 70% of poverty would be erased if fathers and mothers simply married – a policy direction professional feminists discount as meaningless.

Feminist policy has left more women barefoot, pregnant and in poverty than any other event in American history. It is time we hold feminists squarely responsible for it – which Phyllis Schlafly accomplished in her new book “Who Killed the American Family?” In this short column, Dr. Gina Loudon proves the “eight important benefits of marriage, controverting nearly the entirety of the feminist agenda.

There is scant evidence feminism impacted public policy positively. Feminists have little girls dressed up as sexy princesses using filthy language. At age 24, there are 148 women with college degrees for every 100 men. The “gender pay gap” is a reflection of women’s choices. Rape rates have declined significantly since 1973 – long before feminist policy kicked in. Women now commit at least half of all serious domestic violence. Widely disseminated feminist myths about domestic violence have been thoroughly debunked. A crisis of child sex abuse in schools is perpetrated by female teachers, who rarely go to prison, and nobody is doing anything about it.

The feminist power agenda has caused serious problems on college campuses. California just enacted “Yes Means Yes,” a widely criticized law converting college life into a witch hunt for a non-existent campus rape “crisis.” This law was thoroughly eviscerated by feminists Camille Paglia in Time magazine, Margaret Wente in the United Kingdom, professor Alan Dershowitz, and challenged by at least 30 men suing colleges for discriminatory dismissal.

The feminist movement is falling out of favor in public. Many young Americans see that feminism is a cult and reject it on its face. Voters are learning that feminism is the movement driving liberalism, socialism, taxes, deficits, dystopian government, and our nation’s greatest social and criminal problems. Even in massively liberal Portland, Oregon, feminism is on the skids. The feminist bookstore featured in the TV show “Portlandia” is going out of business for lack of paying customers.

Unfortunately, professional feminists have firm control of government, law schools, universities and media – forcing their agenda on the rest of us. We must strive for more balance in perches of power. Title IX holds the keys to end the reign of radical feminist sexism. We must establish new, sensible supply-side socioeconomic policy focusing on rebuilding the marriage culture and a pro-social God-loving country.

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