Klayman to sue president over Ebola flights

By Bob Unruh


Larry Klayman, the former Justice Department lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, made headlines just a week ago when he announced he was filing the legal paperwork to try to get Barack Obama deported.

Now he’s preparing to take aim at the president again, only this time it’s over Ebola.

He revealed his plans in a in his weekly WND column.

“I am fashioning a lawsuit to force Obama to curtail travel and immigration from Liberia and the rest of West Africa until we know we can combat the deadly Ebola outbreak,” he wrote. “And, immigration from all Muslim nations where terrorists have a beachhead must also be immediately stopped.”

No filing had been submitted by end of day Friday. But a source with access to details said the defendants would include Obama and his administration as well as the Centers for Disease Control.

Klayman would have standing to sue, the source told WND, because he traveled through one of the nation’s targeted airports, Newark, in recent days, and was in a position to have been exposed to Ebola from travelers.

While Klayman’s column didn’t provide details, the source told WND that among the allegations would be aiding and abetting the attempted murder of U.S. citizens, conspiracy, provision of support to terrorists, assault and battery.

The civil action is to reserve the right to move the court to certify the case as a class action effort, the source said.

An epidemic of Ebola is sweeping across West Africa, with the death toll reportedly in excess of 4,000 now. Several Americans who became infected while serving there were returned to the U.S. and successfully treated.

But one Liberian man who was infected in his home country traveled to the U.S. through several major airports, started exhibiting symptoms in Dallas, was hospitalized and eventually died.

He was able to travel to the U.S. because the Obama administration has steadfastly refused to impose restrictions. Instead, the U.S. wants to monitor incoming travelers through some airports, checking their temperatures to determine if they are infected.

At the same time, the president plans to send up to 4,000 military troops to West Africa, Their mission has not been clearly defined, described mainly in general terms such as support, command and building.

The source told WND Klayman’s claim will outline the serious risk Ebola poses, including its possible use as germ warfare. It will point out that a terrorist infected with Ebola could simply walk around major office buildings in Washington and expose people.

Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman

A week ago, Klayman, who has sued the National Security Agency, Barack Obama over his birth certificate, Hugo Chavez on behalf of torture victims, journalists, Taliban and al-Qaida and more, launched legal action to get Obama deported.

In his deportation petition, Klayman said “deportation proceedings should be immediately commenced, an investigation undertaken, a full evidentiary hearing held, and Barack Hussein Obama should be removed from the United States.”

The petition was sent to Thomas Homan of Enforcement Removal Operations at the Department of Homeland Security, Thomas Winkowksi of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Sarah Kendall of the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security at DHS.

Klayman explained it is based “on the grounds that he has falsified various birth and other documents with regard to obtaining a U.S. passport and other privileges as an alleged American citizen.”

“It is clear, based on a mountain of evidence as set forth in and attached to the petition, that the president and his agents have falsified documents, such as his birth certificate and Social Security number, to qualify for the privileges of American citizenship such that his citizenship, which is based on false pretenses, must be nullified,” Klayman said.

“As set forth in the petition, this includes but is not limited to the fraudulent production of a computer-generated facsimile of an official state of Hawaiian birth certificate. Even if a legitimate birth certificate exists, Obama’s repeated use of a clearly forged birth certificate is still a crime and in violation of the law,” he said.

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