If there’s one thing that’s the brand of the Obama administration, it’s that it’s clothed in deception.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the Obama administration, it’s that I – you – we – can’t believe anything it says.

It doesn’t matter the subject, the context, the importance – if lying makes it more advantageous to it, the falsehood is used. Obama administration officials will say it, repeat it, and continue to support it and never, ever admit to the deception, even if the truth is placed before them in the clear light of day.

From Fast and Furious to border incidents, to Benghazi, to the IRS scandals, to the VA horrors, to support of Islam when it’s to the detriment of us and the West, and on and on.

They’re in the midst of it now, dealing with border issues, Ebola and other communicable diseases.

Ebola, a disease of Africa, a disease of the Third World, is now here in our country, in our hemisphere. The rhetoric from D.C. is so patently CYA that it would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

The disease will never get here.

Well, it did.

If it does, we’re ready to handle it and it won’t spread.

Uh, no, we weren’t, aren’t, and I’ve no confidence the future will find us any more prepared if the disease spreads, and it probably will.

They tell us they know how it spreads.

Well, yes, except that it spreads in ways we still can’t explain, and theories as to how it may change in the future are up for grabs.

In other words, no one knows.

We were told you can’t get it on public transportation. At the same time, we’re told to avoid public transportation.

Come on! Get your story straight!

Is it any wonder the public is skeptical of the government and health officials?

We’ve been assured there is proper screening of international travelers. But now there’s a doctor who was treating Ebola patients in Africa, who flew into New York and went home. He traveled in the city, went bowling and to restaurants and now has Ebola.

How did that happen? They told us we were safe and precautions were in place to prevent this.

But it did happen.

This man, a physician with Doctors Without Borders, should know better. But he’s sick. Theoretically, thousands were exposed to him from his trip home to his final appearance at the hospital. Right now, no one knows who all those people are, where they are and whether they’re at risk.

Through all this, the government refuses to limit travel to and from West Africa.

Do you have confidence in what the government says?

If you do – why?

Let’s put another spin on this story of deception.

Remember those thousands of illegal alien children from Central America who crossed our border with impunity and were protected by the feds?

We heard a lot about them – that they had a right to run from terrible situations at home and that we’re a country of immigrants and must welcome them.


The feds, local governments, do-good organizations and churches supported them, and any criticism of them or the situation that allowed this invasion (our open borders) was ridiculed and ignored.

You were told they were placed with family members, and the media made it sound warm and cuddly.

Ah yes, but what about the lies and the cover-up?

All the complaints by the Border Patrol and other law enforcement officials that there were contagious diseases these people brought here were covered up.

So too were reports our officials contracted various illnesses and skin infections from those children. They were forbidden from talking about them.

Keep in mind: Media and the government kept calling them “children” – and many were little – but the majority was teenagers and much older people.

Ah, yes. Lies.

Have you noticed you don’t read much about these “children” in the news now? Are you aware they’ve been distributed by the feds across the country, to every state and territory, without telling the local officials that they’re coming or how they’re to be dealt with?

Are you aware the feds refuse to tell us where those children are and how many of them there are?

Are you aware those illegal aliens have bought contagious disease into hundreds of towns and schools across the country? Infectious and antibiotic resistant TB is back, as are outbreaks of measles, chickenpox, whooping cough, scabies, Chagas, dengue fever, chikungunya, and now, even yellow fever mosquitoes are in L.A.

These diseases are here and officials ignore them.

Officials lie, the media buy it, and the people telling the truth are ignored. But towns and cities, schools and people across the country must deal with the contagion and the cost.

Why is the government ignoring the danger of the Enterovirus D-68 – an illness rampant in Central America? Now it’s affecting American children, making them sick, causing paralysis like polio and even death.

Why is this ignored?

Another frightening aspect of official lies is that health authorities dealing with illegals have long said the feds are literally hiding the sickest and most contagious.

Border Patrol officials and law enforcement have also alluded to this, but they’re ignored.

Now, with Ebola, there are similar reports that the feds are concealing the real number of victims.

There are a few doctors using the word “disappeared” – i.e. the government is hiding suspected Ebola victims to prevent panic.


It sounds outlandish, but given the track record of truth of this administration, it may well be accurate. Obama is the chief liar.

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