With midterms around the corner, Barack Obama’s popularity at a stunning all-time low, Democrat candidates avoiding Obama like Ebola and hundreds of audience members actually walking out during a presidential campaign appearance, it’s a rough time for Democrats.

And while some more moderate Democrats like Patrick Caddell and Doug Schoen deal with the failures of the Obama administration by criticizing it on Fox News, another prominent lifelong Democrat – veteran talk-show host and WND columnist Bob Just – has a novel solution for mainstream party members. Democrats conflicted over the direction of their party and of the country under their party’s current leadership should strike, he says.

That’s right – a voter strike. What the Democratic Party needs most from its loyal members, he says, is a boycott of the next few elections.

“Even if the polls completely collapsed regarding our party, those who control the party would never step down, except to ‘raise up’ people who believe the same things they do, and who will lead the same way. That’s the problem,” writes Just in an exclusive column on WND today.

“Only regular Democrat voters can force a real change in our party leadership with a voter strike over the next few elections. One election is not enough,” he adds.

Just perhaps is best described as a traditional Democrat who doesn’t bend to fringe interests. He’s a veteran national radio talk-show host, has worked with his “old friend” Sean Hannity on the best-seller “Deliver Us from Evil” and guest-hosted his top-rated radio show. He is founder of several Oregon-based organizations, including the nationally acclaimed Concerned Fathers Against Crime.

Just starts his commentary: “I am ashamed of my party. But it goes deeper than shame. I am afraid of what my party has become over the last two decades. And judging by the polls, I’m guessing there are millions of Democrats who feel the same unease I feel.

Bob Just

Bob Just

“As 2016 approaches, it has never been more important for mainstream Democrats to draw a line by not voting Democrat. You don’t have to vote Republican; just let your ‘no-vote’ send a message to our local, state and national leaders. If even a small percentage of each major Democrat voting block were to join the protest, it would force the party to take a hard look at itself, or at least start a healthy discussion.”

He says today’s party has become “something unrecognizable to those of us who remember the Democratic Party of President Kennedy.”

He adds: “Something ruinous on an epic scale controls our party. And only Democrats can do something about it – with a no-vote protest.”

Just takes readers on a quick guided tour, documenting the strange transformation of the Democratic Party in recent decades – from the emergence of “political correctness” on college campuses to the major influence of Saul Alinsky on both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Noting that Clinton was a “student” of Alinsky, Just cited the “community organizing” founder’s published desire “for a future where the means of economic production will be owned by all of the people instead of the comparative handful.”

“To independents and Republicans reading this,” comments Just, “trust me – that’s not a regular Democrat talking. That’s Marxism, straight up.”

“Our leadership problem doesn’t end with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama,” Just writes. “The sad truth is that our party apparatus has been taken over by political correctness – PC ‘radicals’ who share Alinsky’s basic Marxist worldview, his desire for class warfare and radical ‘change.’ Our party leaders support, or at least tolerate, the use of Alinsky’s aggressive ‘no rules’ techniques against mainstream America – basic bullying strategies,” Just writes.

“It may be that President Obama’s disastrous leadership will be the wake-up call we needed to realize the wrong people are running our party. At this point we must know something is terribly wrong. It’s hard to ignore President Jimmy Carter’s recent decision to step forward and publicly reject President Obama’s handling of Iraq.”

Just recalled that not that long ago, the Democratic and Republican Parties had far more similarities than differences.

“Think of famous Democrat Sen. Patrick Daniel Moynihan, who as a young social scientist and deputy secretary of labor in 1965 warned the country about the devastating effect fatherless families were having on the African-American community,” Just writes. “He was called a racist for that prophetic warning, which if heeded, could have prevented so much misery – not only among blacks, but also among whites and Hispanics who are now following the same self-destructive path.”

He concludes:  “Mainstream Democrats have to decide if this is what we want to support when we vote Democrat. … Do we really want to be forced to accept a creed that’s entirely – entirely – different than the beliefs of our parents and grandparents and great grandparents?”

Read Bob Just’s column, “Democrat voter strike.”

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