Obama puts Africans ahead of our military

By Selena Owens

“But let’s keep in mind that as we speak, there are children on the streets dying of this disease, thousands of them. And so obviously my first job is to make sure that we’re taking care of the American people, but we have a larger role than that. We also have an obligation to make sure that those (African) children and their families are safe as well because ultimately the best thing we can do for our public health is also to extend the kind of empathy, compassion and effort so that folks in those countries as well can be rid of this disease.”

– Barack Obama

These words cap off Barack Obama’s update (at the time of this writing) on the Ebola virus, and it’s apparent where his loyalties rest as far as Americans are concerned: We’re fit to be tossed in favor of Ebola victims in Liberia and West African countries.

Specifically, American troops that have been and are in the process of being deployed to these infected regions are in severe danger of contracting Ebola. Why are military personnel sent to deal with a deadly virus that cannot be contained in U.S. hospitals by trained medical professionals, and to which there is conflicting information about how it spreads? Sending our troops straight into the den of death in Liberia is a purely evil move by this heartless president.

“… obviously my first job is to make sure that we’re taking care of the American people …”

What a slap in the face to our servicemen and women (and their families). Already, our veterans die in VA hospitals, our troops are under-served, military bases at home presently quarter illegal immigrants carrying infectious diseases, and now our military personnel abroad must risk exposure to Ebola. Where in any of these situations is Obama “taking care” of Americans – especially our troops?

Obama’s communist lingo speaks to his socialist nature. He is not an American president concerned about leading his countrymen onward and upward. In fact, he cannot even bring himself to actually perform on our behalf in keeping with the presidential oath, always instead seeking some higher global attainment, being the imperialistic narcissist that he is.

There is only ONE primary job of the POTUS – and it is this:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

To his shame, Obama couldn’t even say the oath of office correctly, and his actions prove his utter disregard to keep it. Obama has completely and resolutely abdicated his “job” to take care of Americans. He has never even shown interest in our well-being, let alone “taken care” of us. Instead, he prefers to throw off constitutional restraint, unlawfully burden families financially through Obamacare, permit our men to die in Benghazi, swing wide open the doors to amnesty, undermine care for our veterans, spy on citizens … the list is endless. If these remarks reflect his definition of “taking care of the American people,” I wouldn’t want to envision what not taking care of us means.

Obama says that there is a “larger role” as president. He presents rhetoric he hopes sounds empathetic and caring to the sheeple who hinge on his every word. Those of us who know better couldn’t care less about his feigned posturing to appear considerate because his abandonment of his “first job” flies in the face of what Americans need from a leader.

“… but we have a larger role than that.” Who, exactly, is the “we” Obama speaks of? Is he referring to his administration, which is comprised of liars, cheaters, manipulators and thugs? If that’s the “we,” then brace yourself for another blow to our republic. We can count on that.

The “larger role” Obama references in his comments is squarely laid upon our troops and military personnel to put the African Ebola victims above their own health and safety. Additionally, he says that we “have an obligation” to see to the safety of African Ebola victims. The Ebola crisis must be addressed, but why not actually take measures here at home instead, beginning with telling us the truth about the deadly virus, including how it spreads? Obama should obligate himself to that process to protect American lives.

WND columnist Erik Rush gives insight into the Ebola crisis. In his recent column, Rush expertly breaks down the scientific complexities surrounding Ebola and drives home the point that protective gear isn’t enough to protect American military personnel and aid workers from contracting the deadly disease. Rush refers to such activity as “criminal.”

Under the guise of helping humanity, Obama trades protecting our military for protecting Ebola victims, throwing our military to almost certain death. I agree with Rush; this is criminal.

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