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Pro-life tacticians unveil winning strategy

Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America, an estimated 56 million babies have died and an untold number of women have suffered the devastating effects of abortion, making abortion truly the greatest moral issue of our time.

But now, authors Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue are revealing a strategy that has been proven to stop abortions.

Their outline is found in their new book, “Abortion Free: Your manual for building a Pro-Life America one Community at a time,” published by WND Books.

They report this groundbreaking new plan for ending abortion can and does create abortion-free communities, no matter the composition of the Supreme Court, which political party controls Congress or who occupies the White House.

“We have found that abortion clinics can close and lives can be saved by working strategically at the state and local level despite what the political climate might be,” Newman said. “We know our ideas work because of the successes we have witnessed while employing the same tactics we share in ‘Abortion Free.'”

For example, they share how they closed abortion clinics, starting with 18 in San Diego County in the 1990s, and how they brought an end to George Tiller’s huge late-term abortion industry in Wichita, Kansas.

They also found they could get abortionists’ licenses revoked simply by filling out a form, and discovered that records of abortion deaths helped in shuttering abortion businesses.

Order “Abortion Free” right away and start following the guidelines on how to make your community truly respectful of life.

They also found new safety laws resulted in fewer abortions.

In “Abortion Free,” Newman and Sullenger have outlined their most effective secrets in a step-by-step, easy to read guide and have illustrated how to implement these strategies through dramatic stories drawn from their combined 50 years of experience on the front lines of the abortion battle.

Abortion Free is the “definitive guidebook on how to expose and close abortion facilities,” said nationally respected activist David Bereit, the national director of the popular 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns.

Abortion Free details how to employ specific tactics, such as:

“Abortion Free” “is not just another book to read, it is an action to take,” notes Fr. Terry Gensemer, director of the international religious pro-life organization, CEC for Life. He knows first-hand how effective Newman and Sullenger’s tactics can be – because used them to shut down the busiest abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, and made that community abortion free for the first time in decades.

“Troy and Cheryl have done a brilliant job of turning the nation’s cavalier attitude toward killing babies in the womb into one of truly valuing unborn life. In this book you see not only their outstanding track record of boarding up the doors of the killing centers, but you learn how to board them up yourself. If you’re ready to do that and just need the right tools, here’s your tool box,” said pro-life hero Joseph M. Scheidler, national director of Pro-Life Action League.

Those tools are available to you now in Newman and Sullenger’s new book, Abortion Free.”

Order “Abortion Free” right away and start following the guidelines on how to make your community truly respectful of life.