A celebrity reporter whose “gotcha” interviews have captured the likes of former IRS executive Lois Lerner has learned that asking some questions brings a distinctively negative response.

This time it was from a bodyguard for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

As Reid walked away, his protector slammed the reporter, Jason Mattera, who later posted video of the altercation online.

Mattera, who is promoting his new book “Crapitalism,” asked the Democrat senator:  “How does someone on a government salary most of their career accumulate your type of wealth?”

Michele Hickford, writing on former Rep. Allen West’s website, commented: “It’s funny how Harry Reid has no problem vilifying the Koch brothers for their wealth, but when it comes to questions about his own, it’s a different story.”

She said Reid “is curiously silent when asked how he amassed so much wealth while serving in government, so one of his bodyguards jumped in to answer – literally – and pinned Mattera against the wall.”

“You can see Mattera’s legs dangling as the heavy hoisted him up,” she said.

“Gee, I guess that was a pretty sensitive question.”

At Human Events, there was advice for anyone considering posing the question “How did Harry Reid become a millionaire?”

It was: “Don’t ask. Seriously, don’t.”

John Hayward said Reid “is not even slightly interested in discussing how he cashed in on his political connections to become very wealthy after a lifetime of ‘public service.'”

“That’s a bit odd, since he spends a great deal of time criticizing other people’s money.”

He noted Reid’s bodyguard reacted “very badly when author Jason Mattera dares to ask one of the questions media is not permitted to ask of the aristocracy.”

Mattera’s video says estimates of Reid’s worth range as high as $6.7 million, after decades in Congress.

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