By Lloyd Marcus

Here we go again, folks. It has been reported that anonymous teammates of Superbowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson said he is not black enough.

Liberal sports commentators launched the same accusation against Washington Redskin quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Both of these extraordinary young black Christian role models came from successful parents – the American dream. Isn’t that a good thing? Aren’t these guys living testimonies to the success of the civil rights movement in America? They do not have a ghetto experience. Nor have they experienced the sting of racism. They do not resent white America. They are confident, educated and free to be all they can be. Praise God, we won! So, what’s the problem?

When Dr. King said, “I may not get there with you, but I have seen the promised land,” he was envisioning a climate in America capable of producing Russell Wilson and RG3, a society liberated from the negative emotional baggage of racism, resentment, hate and slavery.

Why are snooty white liberals and idiotic blacks trying to keep these brothers in the left’s little black box of authorized black behavior? Who died giving them the final say on acceptable black behavior? There is a great big wonderful world out there. Whites are free to explore various paths. Liberals in their arrogance assume the right to dictate that blacks be confined to approaching life from a perspective of stale urban influence. Didn’t Dr. King and others die to liberate blacks from “the hood”? For crying out loud, libs, set us free!

Teammates criticized Wilson for being too well-spoken. Well, folks, that is just plain stupid, unworthy of a response.

So, if Wilson wore his pants down below his butt, said “yo” a lot and related to whites through an invisible wall of resentment and distrust, he would be considered loyal, “down for the struggle” – representin’. That’s racist, stupid and divisive nonsense.

If my attitude appears a bit impatient, it is because I am tired of everyone catering and pandering to low-rent idiots, while punishing responsibly behaving achievers. Russell Wilson and RG3 are excellent, sorely needed role models. Black youth are dropping out of school, having babies outside of marriage and killing each other in record numbers. Far too many believe racial loyalty includes thuggish behavior and speaking English incorrectly.

And will someone please tell me what qualifies as “black enough”? Will I be in trouble with the Black Enough Police if I choose sushi over KFC? My brother confided in me that he keeps the country music station on in his truck. Sorry for ratting you out, bro.

If race-obsessed black and white liberals are going to hold us blacks accountable, they should at least distribute a manual of authorized black behavior – “Blackness For Dummies.” Perhaps then, I will learn the proper usage of “I be,” “you be” and “we be.”

The whole “black enough” issue is absurd, rooted in racism, hate and keeping blacks living in the past – and, dare I say, continuing to vote for Democrats. The left’s No. 1 qualifier for authentic blackness is loyalty to the Democratic Party. Black Republicans are declared traitors to their race. Both Wilson and RG3’s behavior and mindsets smell of Republicanism.

Also, accused of not being black enough is black actress Stacey Dash who was unbelievably viciously gang assaulted on social media for supporting Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

Also hidden beneath the surface of the left’s criticism of Wilson and RG3 is its war on Christianity and old-fashion goodness – which are revolting to the left, mainstream and sports media. Tim Tebow is despised for the same reasons.

Wilson is also criticized for being too goody-two-shoes, featured in numerous commercials and praised for his community service work. Remember, folks, self-reliant, positive and non-victim-minded blacks are an anathema to the Democrats and mainstream/sports media.

Given the current hostile climate against anything regarding Christianity, I witnessed a remarkable scene on national TV after a Sunday NFL football game. The TV camera caught a circle of players from both teams on their knees holding hands, led in prayer by Russell Wilson. I am sure heads exploded in the liberal sports media.

The scene confirmed to me Wilson’s natural leadership ability and power as a positive role model, which is why he will be forever despised by the left.

And with that, Russell Wilson is black enough for me.

Lloyd Marcus is the unhyphenated American chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee.

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