Michael Savage

This week, Dr. Savage’s new book, “Stop the Coming Civil War,” was released.

Savage – and many of his callers – complained that the book wasn’t being promoted properly in bookstores, and that most of the media was ignoring it.

He called on his listeners to not only purchase the book right away, to force the New York Times into recognizing it as a bestseller, but to “commit anarchy” in bookstores by placing “Stop the Coming Civil War” “at the front counter” and other more prominent locations. (Free audio.)

“Third World African dictators have more common sense than Obama” when it comes to the Ebola outbreak, Savage declared.

While other African nations are banning Liberians from coming into their countries, he pointed out, the Centers for Disease Control are no longer able to block the same people from entering the U.S., thanks, he said, to an executive order signed by the President four years ago. (Free audio.)

Rush Limbaugh

The dubious “Stop Rush” campaign continues to backfire on its key proponents.

It turns out that Matt Osboure, “one of the chief voices in the Stop Rush campaign,” once wrote a disturbing short story, detailing his twisted fantasies about torturing the radio host.

As Ben Shapiro, who broke the story, noted, “Why advertisers would take seriously the complaints of those whose own writings are exponentially worse than anything Rush Limbaugh has ever said is beyond reason.”

On the air this week, Limbaugh told listeners that a third book in his “Adventures of Rush Revere” series was available for pre-order. This latest chapter in his children’s story series sees heroes Rush Revere and his talking horse Liberty getting a firsthand look at the American Revolution.

Limbaugh said that the book’s “timing and its message and its dedication is all about the men and women of our great armed forces. (…) This book was written for them, about them, and with great respect and love.”

Aaron Klein

A retired Secret Service agent joined Klein to reveal what really goes on inside the president’s elite security detail, and Klein broached a sensitive topic: are female agents really as physically capable as their male counterparts?

Klein specializes on talking to controversial, even dangerous, guests, and this week was no exception. Infamous British imam Anjem Choudary came on and declared that the American war on ISIS could inspire attacks that would be “much more high profile” than 9/11. (Free audio.)

Mark Levin

After Rev. Jesse Jackson tried to politicize the Dallas Ebola case, Mark Levin denounced him as “a complete fraud.”

“If Jesse Jackson really was a serious peace activist, or love activist, or whatever activist he is — it’s easy to stand with people who are complaining,” Levin said. “How about standing with people who are actually sick? Put on one of those uniforms. Put on one of those HAZMAT outfits. Stay with those folks. What’s he complaining about?” (Free audio.)

Levin also went after a group of establishment GOP elites who’ve created a front group that supports the Obamaphone program. No wonder we can’t cut government entitlements, Levin complained.

“This is the ruling class that we despise, and for good reason,” Levin fumed. “If we don’t take over the Republican Party and create a new Republican Party based on our founding principles (…) and common sense,” there will never be a credible opposition to the “progressive radicals” in the Democratic Party. (Free audio.)

Laura Ingraham

Leon Panetta is the latest former White House staffer to release a memoir describing the incompetence inside the Oval Office. Laura Ingraham, however, was unimpressed.

She wondered why Panetta didn’t try to influence Obama’s foreign policy decisions when he was at the Pentagon, rather than waiting until after he left to criticize the president.

“I’m tired of these memoirs that come out” after the fact, Ingraham said. “Show us what you can do when you are actually in power.” (Free audio.)

Ingraham’s guests this week included the Maryland sheriff who accused the Obama administration of “not protecting our country” and a leading expert on the H-1B virus, who warned that the latest Senate immigration plan will be “devastating” blacks and Hispanics. (Free audio.)

Glenn Beck

“We haven’t learned the lesson. We don’t even know what they are fighting about.”

Glenn Beck told his audience that America was fated to keep repeating its military mistakes in the Middle East because it really doesn’t understand the region’s history.

“We’re community organizing in the Middle East,” Beck complained, while our opponents are “going back to World War I – the reestablishment of the caliphate.”

Beck explained that the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 was “British and French coming together and redesigning the entire Middle East, making it so dictators had to be put in those places. So, when we come and say, ‘Oh, we’re just going to go ahead and get rid of the dictators’ – you are helping them establish the caliphate.” (Free audio.)

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