Tom DeLay

Tom DeLay

NEW YORK – After learning the overturning of his felony conviction had been upheld by an appeals court, former Majority Leader Tom DeLay told WND he is considering bringing charges against the Travis County District Attorney’s Office for prosecutorial misconduct and he might run again for political office.

DeLay said the Democratic Party’s attempt to destroy him over the past 11 years because of his conservative political views is a direct reflection of the Marxist philosophy that shapes the political forces controlling the party.

He said he now has “some very clever lawyers” working on developing a legal strategy on either the federal or state level to bring charges against the Travis County DA.

On Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld an earlier ruling throwing out his conviction in 2010 on charges that he improperly funneled donations to Texas House candidates.

“If I can, I am going to go after them,” DeLay affirmed.

He also indicated he was considering returning to Washington and possibly running for political office in Texas now that his name has been cleared.

“I’m very excited that I can now get on with my life, and whatever the Lord has got for me, that’s where I’m headed,” he said.

“And I’m coming back to Washington; now that the clouds have cleared, Washington very well could be where I’m headed.”

‘The politics of Karl Marx’

DeLay reviewed for WND the history of the Democratic Party efforts to remove him from his powerful position in the House of Representatives.

“This all started back in 1996, when Nancy Pelosi and Pat Kennedy, then a Democratic congressman from Rhode Island and the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, announced publicly that they were going to take me out of politics,” DeLay told WND.

“They filed ethics charges against me in 1996 and 1998, both of which were dismissed. Then in 2012 a RICO (Racketeering-Influence Corrupt Organization) charge, followed by more ethics charges the Democrats filed against me in Congress in 2011 – all dismissed.”

DeLay explained the 18-year Democratic Party campaign to ruin his career by “criminalizing politics” has cost him an estimated $12 million in legal fees.

“What the Democrats did to me is right out of the pages of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals,'” DeLay said. “People don’t understand, but it’s the politics of Karl Marx that drive the far left in control of the Democratic Party.”

DeLay argued that incompetence alone was not sufficient to explain the crises and scandals that have developed under the Obama administration. They include, he said, from the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, the Department of Justice gunrunning scandal in Fast and Furious, the IRS discrimination against conservative groups, the rise of ISIS and now the Ebola epidemic coming to the U.S.

“The point is that in Barack Obama the American people are getting to see a radical Marxist with a worldview that makes him happy with the chaos that’s going on,” he said. “This is exactly what Obama wants done, and people are finally seeing Obama for who he really is.”

DeLay was critical of the Republican Party leadership for not challenging Obama for his radical Marxist ideological background and political beliefs.

“The Republican Party leadership does not understand they are dealing with the far left when they are dealing with the Democrats today,” he said. “The Democrats want to destroy you and your family. They want to bankrupt you and put you in a coffin so they can dance on your grave.”

In contrast, DeLay objected, the Republican Party is still running old-style, business-as-usual political campaigns.

“We need to be defining politics from the perspective of 30,000 feet so we can explain to voters what’s really going on today,” he said.

“Republicans are still running a 20-year-old campaign, where we go on TV and talk about specific issues, but never give a vision and a broader explanation of policies we want to implement. The left has hidden behind spin and their media friends all these years, but now with Obama, the American people are getting to see up front and personal what the left really is.”

DeLay urged Republican candidates not to be timid and afraid of establishment media criticism.

“The worldview of the left that has destroyed America is what we should be fighting,” he stressed. “The radical culture of the left is why 60 million babies have been killed in the United States since Roe v. Wade. Yet, the Republican response is to say, ‘Well, I want the Keystone Pipeline.'”

Warning to Rick Perry

DeLay also repeated his cautions to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, which WND reported in August.

The Travis County District Attorney’s office that has just indicted Perry for alleged abuse of power is the same office that indicted DeLay for alleged campaign finance violations in 2005, forcing him under Republican Caucus rules to resign as House majority leader and eventually leave Congress.

DeLay has railed against the Texas Legislature for allowing the Travis County District Attorney’s office to act in a statewide capacity as a Public Integrity Office. It gives the liberal Democrats controlling Travis County an extra-constitutional partisan political tool that the Democratic Party in Texas uses to criminalize politics by seeking to prosecute any GOP politician in the state who manages to rise to statewide or national prominence.

“I’ve warned Governor Perry, and for 10 years now I’ve warned the Republican majority in the Texas Legislature that they need to reform this abuse by separating a Public Integrity Office with statewide authority from the auspices of this locally elected Travis County district attorney and giving it to the Texas attorney general,” he said.

“There also ought to be some remedy from prosecutorial misconduct such that immunity from prosecution is taken away from the Travis County District Attorney’s office. How can a locally elected district attorney in Texas have statewide authority that reaches to being able to go after a Texas member of the House of Representatives? But the Republicans in the Texas Legislature didn’t listen to me, and now they have whacked Rick Perry.”

DeLay expressed concern that the goal of the Democratic Party nationally is to use the Texas criminal indictment of Perry as a means of destroying his 2016 presidential ambitions.

“I hope the judge throws out Rick Perry’s indictment,” DeLay continued. “But at the same time, the Democrats intend to drag this out over the next two years when Perry is running for president. It would be very easy for them to do.”

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