Whistleblower: Obama blocking voter roll cleanup

By Greg Corombos


With critical midterm elections less than four weeks away, the failure to scrutinize voter registrations and clean up voter rolls leaves our system vulnerable to voter fraud, and a Justice Department whistleblower says the Obama administration is actively trying to stop states from bringing records up to date and ensure only eligible voters are casting ballots.

J. Christian Adams further asserts that voter fraud does occur and is indirectly responsible for the passage of Obamacare.

Adams is author of “Crimes Against the Republic: How the Democratic Party’s Voter Fraud is Fundamentally Transforming America.” He left the Justice Department early in the Obama administration and has regularly spoken out about what he considers to be partisan actions by Attorney General Eric Holder on voting and other civil rights issues.

Two flash points he frequently mentions are the DOJ’s decision not to prosecute the New Black Panther Party on voter intimidation charges in 2008 and the battle between Holder and several states over requiring photo identification to be presented before being allowed to vote.

However, Adams said there’s a much bigger problem than either of those matters.

“We have millions of people on the voter rolls who are not eligible to vote, millions of people who are not actually valid registrations,” Adams said. “Absolutely nothing is being done about that from the government’s perspective. Only private organizations have done anything about it. Eric Holder, of course, is the attorney general who could do something about it but does not.”

According to Adams, there are all sorts of people influencing our elections who have no business casting a ballot.

“There are dead people. There are foreigners. There are non-citizens. There are people who are duplicate registrations. They registered in more than one state. Sometimes they even vote in more than one state,” said Adams, noting the case of Wendy Rosen, who ran for Congress in Maryland and voted in her own primary there and in Florida.

So why aren’t the rolls cleaned up? Adams said in many jurisdictions, there’s literally no scrutiny of voter registration forms.

“They just get put on the rolls,” he said. “They aren’t verified. When states like Florida tried to do the citizenship verification, or states like Georgia, all these groups, including Eric Holder sprung up to sue them to try to stop them from checking to see if they were really citizens. So the states that do try to check for verification frequently find themselves on the bad end of a lawsuit.”

Adams added, “This is something the Justice Department seems perfectly comfortable with. The status quo is something the department is totally comfortable with. Why that is is not something I have an answer to.”

While Adams said Democrats are especially resistant to cleaning up the voting rolls, Republicans bear their share of guilt as well.

“Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller actually defended this,” he said. “He was sued by Judicial Watch and True the Vote for having dirty voter rolls. The state was sued and he put up a vigorous defense and fought back. So in many places, Republicans are part of the problem.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with J. Christian Adams:

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What cannot be quantified, however, is just how widespread the problem is and how many fraudulent votes are cast.

“We don’t know how prevalent it is, but we know it does happen. That’s the big point,” Adams said. “Do people cast ballots, who are not entitled to cast ballots? The answer to that question is unequivocally yes. The answer to that problem is to get the voting rolls cleaned up.”

But Adams stresses that a small number of fraudulent votes can make a big difference in key elections and is indirectly responsible for President Obama’s biggest legislative achievement.

“Al Franken (D-Minn.) is in the United States Senate because of voter fraud,” he explained. “He won that contest by 312 votes, but there were 1,099 illegal votes cast by felons. Every single felon who was contacted by the Minnesota media said that he voted for Al Franken.”

He noted, “So we have a senator in the U.S. Senate because of voter fraud, and guess what? That senator was the 60th vote for Obamacare. So we actually have Obamacare because of voter fraud,” he said.

Adams would also like to scrap Election Day registration. He believes it provides a massive opportunity for fraud and was a critical factor in Franken’s capturing of a Senate seat.

“That’s how Al Franken won the election, because all of these felons showed up to vote,” he said. “They registered to vote but they weren’t eligible to. So Election Day registration makes it hard to police the validity of who’s casting ballots.”

Democrats may be leading the charge against update voting rolls, but Adams had a surprising answer when asked about the how much this effort is coordinated among Democrats.

“Not at all. It doesn’t need to be coordinated,” he said. “This is not some sort of centralized, coordinated effort. This is just simply laziness, atrophy and refusal to do your job.”

Adams said many things need to happen to bolster the integrity of U.S. elections, but competent state election officials are a critical first step.

“Awareness is the first step, knowing where the problems are, having elected officials like Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler (and) Brian Kemp in Georgia and Tom Schedler in Louisiana,” he said. “Having secretaries of state who know what the problem is and being willing to fix it are Step 1.”

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