America, you’ve been duped by left’s phony videos

By Phil Elmore

Very few people stop to understand the social media culture war that is raging around them. Culture wars are nothing new. Totalitarian, statist Democrats, the would-be fascists of the modern era, have long conspired to subjugate the American people. Barack Hussein Obama’s quest to “fundamentally transform” the United States is just the latest iteration of this long-fought battle, which has seen Democrats perverting everything from the meaning of the word “liberal” to every other traditional moral value and social norm.

Liberal Democrats don’t just hate America; they hate free thought, free speech and the free exchange of ideas. This is why liberals fight their endless battle to silence all speech, to quell all ideas, that they find distasteful. If you disagree with a liberal Democrat, you are not just wrong; you are a horrible person who deserves to lose his job and be censured by his peers.

The rise of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on – has given liberals the most powerful weapon they have yet possessed in the culture wars. This column has many times discussed the influence of social media on popular culture, which is biased by default toward left-wing politics. The liberals may not quite have a stranglehold on major media outlets anymore (as evidenced by repeated attempts by Democrats to muzzle talk radio through the “Fairness Doctrine,” and by constant liberal histrionics over the existence of Fox News), but they have adapted quickly to the changing ways that American citizens consume news and commentary. Even though conservatives and libertarians enjoy a thriving presence on the Internet, leftists have used the Internet to craft a carefully selected narrative that is promulgated through social media.

In other words, liberals produce large volumes of editorial commentary that is couched as news and then shared ad nauseam on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This commentary is either grossly distorted through liberals’ hysterical, hand-wringing worldview, or it is simply false. For example, in much the way that made-up quotes from Dan Quayle were once forwarded and reforwarded in e-mail to establish the liberal talking point, “Dan Quayle is stupid,” the action line that has since been replaced with, “Sarah Palin is stupid” includes fake news from “parody” sites like the Daily Currant.

Too often, people will share faked news articles from the Daily Currant without reading them and without realizing that these are as phony as the satirical pieces in The Onion. But then, by default, people with little or no stake in the culture wars will repeat these headlines as true. “Didn’t you hear? Sarah Palin thinks you have to cross an ocean to get to Mexico.” What is true doesn’t matter; what fits the liberal pop-culture narrative is what is important. This is a problem, because liberals have absolutely no problem lying to forward their causes.

Take, for example, the recent furor over the YouTube video, “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” on which this column has previously commented. It is presented as “proof” that, culturally, women are constant victims of male predation. Why, you cannot even walk down the street [of some of the worst neighborhoods in one of the most notorious big cities in America] without being accosted! Look at these eeeeeevil men, harassing this poor woman! This just proves that society is full of misogyny, sexism and rape, raaaape, raaaaaape culture!

Well, as you may already know, the video was deceptively edited and dishonestly presented, condensing 10 hours of this woman rudely refusing to respond to any greeting into two minutes of “catcalling” and “harassment” that were often little more than men giving her compliments and even saying hello. Mischaracterizing these responses to what is arguably race-baiting – sending a white woman into predominantly black neighborhoods to “catch” black men behaving impolitely, then using this to make a statement about society and men in general – is typical behavior for liberals. They know what conclusion they want to reach and they’re happy to manipulate the outcome. But this video prompted another video in which men were filmed supposedly trying to take advantage of an actress who pretended to be drunk.

“This is disturbing,” commented the various Internet outlets that spread the video around. And of course, it was.

Except that it was completely made up.

That’s right: The video was made using people who knew they were acting. It never really happened. And this type of lie, like a “parody” news headline that is repeated as fact and used to discredit, insult or otherwise denigrate anybody that liberals don’t like, moves leftists’ war on our culture forward with each “share” or “like” on social media. The message of the “NYC Walking Girl” video was that men are predators, yes, but it was also that modern American women must never encounter so much as a spoken word that they do not like or do not wish to hear.

Modern women are apparently so incapable of coping with diversity of thought and opinion that even an unsolicited “hello” is “harassment.” These are people so weak-minded that they must have controversial ideas prefaced with absurd phrases like “trigger warning.” They trade in a manufactured argot of victimhood that includes terms like “patriarchy,” “hetero-normative” and “cis-gender.” They hate men and maleness, they hate heterosexuality, they hate families, and they hate traditional norms. They lie, blatantly and constantly, to attack these facets of our culture.

The message of the faked “drunk girl” video, by comparison, is that all men are not just rude, but also rapists. This idea – that all men are part of “rape culture” – is part and parcel of a “social justice” movement that now pervades the Internet and social media. According to that movement, all masculinity is wrong, and all men are criminals who simply haven’t been punished yet.

These are, like so much of liberal thought and philosophy, all lies – but that never stops Democrats from telling them.

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