I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that thou and thy seed may live. – Deuteronomy 30:19

Incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., is so distressed that she may lose that she recently accused her own state of Louisiana and the entire South of being against Barack Obama because of his race.

In battleground states, desperate Democrats are still shamelessly lying and exploiting racial stereotypes and playing on the fears of blacks in an attempt to scare them to the polls.

Last week, Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., compared members of the GOP to Confederates from the Civil War era who “believe that slavery isn’t over.”

Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is shamelessly lying about her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, accusing him of trying to deny blacks the right to vote.

In North Carolina, Democrats are running ads in support of Sen. Kay Hagan, blaming her Republican challenger for supporting gun laws they claim are responsible for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Democrats are also getting help from Al “The Riot King” Sharpton, who returned to St. Louis on Friday to renew calls for the federal prosecution of a white Ferguson police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old thug Michael Brown.

Clearly, the Democratic Party has created its own “Willie Horton” strategy.

Willie Horton strategy?

In 1988, Republican strategist Lee Atwater created a powerful and effective TV ad for then-presidential candidate George H.W. Bush, contrasting Bush’s record on crime against liberal Democrat Michael Dukakis.

The ad highlighted how Dukakis’ support for lenient punishment for prisoners allowed Willie Horton, a black convicted killer, to get out on a “weekend pass,” kidnap a young couple, murder the male and rape his girlfriend. The ad helped to destroy the Dukakis campaign.

Democrats were outraged, claiming Republicans used the Willie Horton ad to scare Southern white voters.

Since the Willie Horton incident, when Republicans start to get tough on crime, oppose welfare, or oppose black Democrats, liberals accuse them of racism, often referring to the exact Lee Atwater ad! Republicans predictably get defensive and, therefore, the tactic works. To this day, most Republicans are afraid to stand against evil when it’s coming through a black person or group.

In truth, Democrats are much more adept than Republicans at dividing the races with lies and exploiting race issues for political gain. And they’re much better at attaining power than helping improve the lives of those they rule over.

What has the black community received in return for their more than 50 years of blind loyalty to the Democratic Party? The answer is the destruction of the black family: 72 percent out-of-wedlock births; 1,800 black babies aborted daily; and the highest unemployment and incarceration rate of any group in the U.S.

As a result of generations of blacks foregoing self-reliance for government handouts, most blacks today don’t have wealth, they don’t own land, and their wages are stagnant. Things are worse for blacks under Obama, which is why Democrats are running away from him.

The sad fact is that party leaders don’t care or have real compassion for low-income blacks. Their goal is to hold on to power by any means necessary, even by lying and keeping their constituents addicted to handouts. They have nothing productive to run on, and their desperation is evident in their lies and attack ads.

The blind allegiance of black voters is what is keeping the Democratic Party alive. Democrats still need blacks, which is why they’re scheming to get them to the polls.

What’s interesting is that in their desperation, Democrats are showing blacks that they only value them for their votes. They don’t promise jobs. There’s no pretense of respect for blacks anymore. They simply tell blacks that Republicans want to take away their voting rights and their government programs – and like drones – most blacks march to the polls, at least they have up until now. The Democrats divisive strategy is blatantly racist and disrespectful to blacks. Democrats are treating them like chumps.

If blacks would pause for just a moment, and stop looking for leaders and external forces to solve their problems that in reality begin with their own misplaced anger, they wouldn’t need either party. In fact, the parties would seek black support because blacks would have something tangible to offer (i.e., financial contributions, talents and ideas), rather than just warm bodies that can vote.

The transparent manner in which Democrats are selfishly using black voters today is giving blacks a great opportunity to see reality. It’s like the magician who exposes his trick, and once the audience recognizes how the magician does his magic, they’re no longer enamored or fooled by the act. God is allowing blacks a chance to see the awful trick that’s being played on them so they can wake up from their hellish enslavement to the party of death.

The future is now in the hands of black Americans. God willing they will choose life, so that “thou and thy seed may live.”

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