If you listened to the news pundits and looked at the exit polls after the midterms, you would assume that the hot button issue of immigration reform was not the top priority of voters in this election. According to the Forbes exit polling data, 45 percent of voters said that the economy was most important and was the top issue of four listed on the exit poll ballot. Following the economy were health care, foreign policy and big-government overreach.

However, if you dig deeper into the polling, you can see that when you add the top four issues together immigration really is the No. 1 concern, because it is at the heart of each of America’s top concerns.

First of all, we have to look at the economy. The lack of jobs is hurting the average American. When the unemployment rate among African-Americans is 11.4 percent and when job opportunities are being given to illegals over our own citizens, the people see the writing on the wall. Lower-skilled Americans who are not high-school graduates or college-educated are really being squeezed out, and it is obvious that they’ll see their opportunities diminish even further if Obama grants amnesty and work permits to millions of illegals. This will saturate the market with low-skilled under-educated people, many who don’t even speak English. The untold story is how this new influx of illegals will take away jobs from U.S.-born Hispanics who have the same level of education and job skills. Maybe that is why we saw a shift with Hispanics voting for the GOP. The bottom line is that the voters can see what open borders and illegal immigration is doing to diminish their way of life, and it showed up at the ballot box with the election of Republicans.

Second, we have the issue of health care. Overwhelmingly, people are rejecting Obamacare. They understand that everything promised to them was a lie. The reality is that when Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina shouted out “You lie!” to Obama, when he promised that Obamacare would not cover illegals, Wilson was speaking the truth. He has now been vindicated, because a $28.8 million dollar award went to 67 community health-care centers around the country with more than $8.5 million earmarked for migrant and seasonal farm workers – money that should be going to benefit American citizens. Once again, this issue goes to the heart of illegal immigration and its consequences.

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Third, we have foreign policy. With open and porous borders, Americans realize that anyone can enter our country and cause harm. With the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, with beheadings taking place on our own soil, with untreated diseases being brought in by ill children from other countries and with untold numbers of dangerous cartel and gang members disappearing into our communities, the American people are seeing the effect that an influx of illegals and open borders is causing. We already know that there are cells of radical Muslims in this country now. They have crossed our southern and northern borders and are just waiting for the right time to launch an attack.

The fourth issue of big-government overreach is extraordinarily dangerous. You can be sure that Barack Obama will completely bypass Congress and sign an executive order to basically extend amnesty to millions of illegals. This will be done whether there is an outcry from the American people or not. He already knows how Americans feel on this issue, but nothing will stop his agenda. We the people voted out the Democrats by sending them and him a message to STOP! If he does go through with this during the lame duck session, I hate to think what the repercussions will be.

Maybe he just lives in denial and thinks that this election was a fluke because two-thirds of the people didn’t vote and they really do want him to be a dictator, or maybe he is just so arrogant that he believes he can do whatever he wants and no one will do anything about it.

The American people have spoken, and it is up to Obama if he wishes to listen or just ignore their will. We will see over the next few months whether he has heard the message or chooses to continue down the same path he is on. My guess is that he hasn’t heard a word.

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