Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Despite recent statements from Barack Obama that he’s neither king nor emperor of the United States, radio host Rush Limbaugh says the president is, in fact, an emperor by using executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

“He is an emperor and he’s going to prove it whenever he does this,” Limbaugh said Wednesday on his top-rated national broadcast.

Limbaugh was analyzing Obama’s own remarks when the president stated on numerous occasions he did not have the legal power to grant amnesty.

On Feb. 14, Obama told Jacky Guerrero of California: “This is something that I’ve struggled with throughout my presidency. The problem is that, you know, I’m the president of the United States. I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed, and Congress right now has not changed what I consider to be a broken immigration system.”

Limbaugh responded by saying, “What he didn’t say was, ‘I don’t care about any of that. The only thing stopping me is there’s an election coming up. And when the election’s over, that’s when I’ll do it. But I’m not gonna do it before that ’cause it’ll hurt my party and maybe me.’ He should have just told her to be patient and wait till after the election because he doesn’t believe he’s not an emperor.”


Obama made similar statements about his legal inability to take executive action on behalf of illegals.

On Jan. 20, 2013, the president told Maria Elena Salinas of Univision: “Well, I think it is important to remind everybody that, as I said I think previously, and I’m not a king. I am the head of the executive branch of government. I’m required to follow the law.”

And in Australia on Nov. 16, 2013, Obama addressed the same subject: “When I was talking to the advocates, their interest was in me, through executive action, duplicating the legislation that was stalled in Congress. And getting a comprehensive deal of the sort that is in the Senate legislation, for example, does extend beyond my legal authorities. There are certain things I cannot do. There are certain limits to what falls within the realm of prosecutorial discretion in terms of how we apply existing immigration laws.”

Limbaugh said Obama “was just buying time,” with such remarks.

And he added nothing would come of any “gotcha” moment where the president has been found to be untruthful.

“It’s not going to change anything. Obama knows everything he’s doing. He knows who he lies to. He knows why he lies, and he knows he’s going to get away with it. He knows he’s not going to be called on it,” Limbaugh explained. “You’re not going to stop Obama by pointing out his … hypocrisy.”

“The point is much larger than Obama is a hypocrite. He is exactly what he claims that he is not. And he knows the American people are not ready for a dictator or an authoritarian or a statist. He knows the American people wouldn’t support that. And that’s why he’s gotta lie. … He knows he’s violating the Constitution and he’s happy to do it, by the way.”

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At Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Jonathan Karl of ABC News asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest, “Does the president still stand by what he said last year when he said, ‘I am not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Is that still operative?”

“Absolutely,” Earnest replied.

“Not a king, either?” asked Karl, as the audience chuckled.

“That’s right,” said Earnest flatly.

Watch the video of the exchange:

On Monday of this week, Limbaugh scorched Obama as a “sociopathic” liar and “lying con man” for denying he misled the American public to get his signature health-care plan known as Obamacare passed.

During a news conference Friday in Brisbane, Australia, Obama was asked by reporter Ed Henry of Fox News: “At your Burma townhall a couple of days ago, you tried to inspire young leaders by saying, ‘governments need to be held accountable, need to be responsive to the people.’ I wonder how you square that with your former adviser, Jonathan Gruber, claiming you were not transparent about the health law because in his words the American people, the voters are stupid. Did you mislead Americans about the taxes, about keeping your plan in order to get the bill passed?”

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“No, I did not,” Obama responded. “I just heard about this. I get well-briefed before I come out here. The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters, is no reflection on the actual process that was run.”

Limbaugh, sounding incredulous, took direct aim at Obama’s answer, stating: “This is unbelievable. This little sound bite of 23 seconds may be more jam-packed with lies than any 23-second presidential sound bite I’ve ever played for you.”

Regarding Jonathan Gruber, Limbaugh said, “He was in meetings with Obama. Gruber has been bragging about them. Obama has talked about Gruber being in meetings. … He was not just a member of the staff, he was paid $400,000 alone just for this. … Gruber has made almost $6 million in government contracts, advising them on various things. … Gruber has his hands in advising the regime on amnesty, illegal immigration, how to do it, when to do it, what to do it and all that. The guy’s deep; he’s a rock star with these people.”

“It just confirms how stupid he thinks you are. That sound bite is an exclamation point to how stupid and gullible Obama believes you to be,” the host added.

Listen to audio of Rush Limbaugh calling Obama a sociopathic liar:

Obama continued with his answer to Henry, stating: “We had a year-long debate, Ed. I mean, go back and look at your stories. The one thing we can’t say is that we did not have a lengthy debate about health care in the United States of America. Or that it was not adequately covered. I would just advise – every press outlet here, go back and pull up every clip, every story, and I think it will – it’s fair to say there was not a provision in the health care law that was not extensively debated and was fully transparent.”

“Now, seriously, what are we to do about this?” asked Limbaugh. “This is sociopathic … there’s something terribly wrong here. I mean this is blatant lying.”

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