Obama’s amnesty plan called ‘suicide for America’

By WND Staff



By Paul Bremmer

Phyllis Schlafly has been involved in, worked on, and an observer of elections since 1946, and she believes they have meaning.

Barack Obama agreed at one point, saying after his first election that elections have “consequences.”

But now, even though voters uniformly across the nation rejected the Obama administration agenda, he is promising to overhaul the nation’s immigration system by executive order if Congress doesn’t give him what he wants.

And that, Schlafly says, is national suicide.

Fox News reported Thursday that Obama is planning to announce a 10-part plan for changing the nation’s immigration procedures as early as next Friday.

The plan apparently includes a deportation reprieve, known as “deferred action,” for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, as well as for the parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents. Those provisions could give nearly 5 million illegal immigrants who are already in the U.S. the right to stay and work, according to Fox News.

Never one to sugarcoat the dangers, Schlafly said she sees problems.

“If he goes ahead with his plans, I think it’s suicide for America, because he would be bringing in people who will vote Democratic. That’s his plan,” Schlafly said. “And bringing people the American people do not want, and he’s already bringing in all kinds of diseases.”

Schlafly doesn’t think the United States would survive in its current form under a massive grant of amnesty. She even agreed the collapse may happen by 2025, as conservative author Patrick Buchanan suggested in the title of his 2011 book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”

“[Obama] is trying to fundamentally transform our country into something like the Third-World countries, because he thinks it’s just really unfair that we’re better, richer, freer and more prosperous, and he’d like to bring us down to the level of other countries,” Schlafly said.

The longtime conservative activist said she expects another border surge, like the one this past summer, once word of Obama’s “deferred action” plan spreads throughout Central America. She also thinks amnesty by executive action rises to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor.

“I think it’s worth impeachment, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Schlafly said.

She explained, “The Constitution gives the power over immigration, coming into this country, to Congress, not to the president.”

Schlafly has a simple solution for how congressional Republicans can stop Obama from carrying out his plan.

“I think they should cut off all the money, wherever he’s getting money to handle it,” she said. “Any way they can cut off his money would be a proper response.”

In a Monday op-ed in Politico, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., called on his fellow senators and congressmen to do just that.

“It cannot be implemented if Congress simply includes routine language on any government funding bill prohibiting the expenditure of funds for this unlawful purpose,” Sessions wrote.

Schlafly has been a national leader in the conservative movement since publication of her 1964 bestseller, “A Choice Not An Echo,” and many credit her for the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Now, after having spent much of the last 50 years speaking out against forces she believes are tearing the American social fabric apart, she’s becoming a leader in the battle against illegal immigration.

Even at the age of 90, she’s still not done; her latest book “Who Killed the American Family?” was released in early September 2014 by WND Books.

In it, she finds the American family under attack from a range of forces, including feminists, judges, lawmakers, psychologists, universities, the media and illegal immigration.

She sees Obama and other Democratic Party leaders as complicit in the importation of people who don’t share the American value of self-reliance.

“The Democrats know perfectly well that the people coming in are people who are not accustomed to our ideas of self-government and limited government, and they expect government to take care of them, and that’s what we’re doing,” Schlafly said in an interview.

Schlafly said she favors tighter border security, tougher sanctions against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and increased deportations of illegal aliens already in the country. She also doesn’t buy the notion that the U.S. needs to import foreigners to fill certain high-skilled jobs.

“Every time I hear this expression that we need to bring in these foreigners who are ‘the best and the brightest,’ I get mad,” she said. “I have four sons who have degrees in electrical engineering and two grandchildren who do, and I think they’re the best and the brightest. And the idea that people we can bring in from other countries are better is just nonsense.”

Nor does Schlafly believe the U.S. should import foreigners to take lower-skilled jobs.

“We’ve got plenty of people who need entry-level jobs, and … even legal immigration is very unfair to our poor people in this country who are American citizens,” she said.

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