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State attorney general: Obama 'clearly unlawful'

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt

President Obama has taken numerous actions that “clearly” violate the U.S. Constitution and constitute an “unfaithful” execution of the law, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt declared Sunday in a radio interview.

“As far as taking actions that would constitute an unfaithful execution of the law, I think that’s clear,” Pruitt said. “I think he has acted in a way that is entirely inconsistent with his obligation under the Constitution to faithfully execute the laws. And as such it has prompted much litigation – many pieces of litigation that Oklahoma has led, and we will continue to do so.”

Pruitt added: “What that means to the politicians in D.C. is up to them to decide, but I can tell you from a legal perspective he has acted clearly in an unlawful way.”

Pruitt was speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s 970 AM The Answer.

Klein had asked the Oklahoma attorney general for his legal opinion about whether Obama could face impeachment over Obamacare, executive amnesty or other alleged offenses, including the president’s failure to inform Congress before releasing five Gitmo detainees in exchange for captured U.S. soldier Bowe Robert Bergdahl.

A nonpartisan review by the Government Accountability Office stated Obama broke the law when he did not give Congress the required 30 day notice prior to the prisoner release.

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Pruitt explained impeachment is a political process out of the purview of a state attorney general.

However, Pruitt stated, “If we look at it from a purely legal perspective, you know, the president has a constitutional obligation to faithfully execute the laws.”

“And I think that in some of the instances that you describe that actually would be part and parcel of the challenges that would be initiated as a state.”

Continued Pruitt: “You talk about immigration, Aaron. The president himself in 2012, as he was running for re-election, I think, in an interview with Telemondo in Florida and was asked about his authority to extend deferred action to adults as [he was] expected to do, and he said he didn’t have the constitutional authority to do it.

“So our path, Aaron, is to highlight those things to determine whether the state has been injured. And in many instances we have. And then to take the proper course to address the unlawfulness of the administration.”

Pruitt on Wednesday petitioned the Supreme Court to review a lawsuit he filed challenging the legality of state exchanges in Obamacare, drawing a distinction between state and federal insurance marketplaces.

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