The GOP – for once – must build on victory

By Lord Monckton

Thanks almost entirely to the backbone inserted into the GOP by the tea-party movement, the Republicans have now captured the Senate as well as increasing their majority in the House. Let them now make the very best use of their victory by making proper preparations to win the third branch of government from the usurper who now clings on in office by his fingernails.

The first order of business for the GOP – though most of its leaders don’t realize it – is to use their control of Congress to prevent Mr. Obama and the various executive agencies stuffed with his placemen from governing by decree.

Congress can wield absolute power over the executive branch by withholding the funds for a well-targeted short-list of specific projects. The EPA, in particular, can be curbed by the threat of a simple resolution to defund it.

Note that I do not propose withholding the funds to allow the process of government to continue. The GOP has tried that two or three times before. Newt Gingrich was the first to try it, and – on the whole – the people did not like what could too easily be made to look like an irresponsible threat to the very continuity of government itself.

However, making it quietly clear to certain agencies that any further attempts to govern by decree in defiance of Congress will not be looked upon favorably when the GOP next commands all three branches of the legislature would slow down the EPA and other over-ambitious departments that would like to operate without the restraint of the mere elected representatives of the people.

Next order of business: Choose and groom a credible candidate for the presidency. In 2008 and 2012, the GOP unerringly chose the candidate who had not the slightest chance of beating Mr. Obama.

First it was John McCain, who was simply too old to convince young voters, and who did not have the trust of the tea parties because he naively believed in the climate nonsense.

Then it was Mitt Romney, who was too rich, too smooth, too Mormon, too willing to believe the climate nonsense and, above all, too uncaring. He threw the campaign with a single unbelievably stupid remark about how little he cared about the 47 percent who live off the rest.

Step forward Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who survived a recall election in which the hard left threw its money and its dominance of the media at him and still failed. He succeeded because he won the respect of many on the other side of the political divide when he said bankruptcy was not an option for his state and made the necessary reductions in spending to balance the budget.

The U.S. Treasury, as administered by Mr. Obama, is not just bankrupt – it is well beyond bankrupt. The GOP will need credible, workable, achievable plans for massive reductions in federal spending, and they will need Scott Walker’s skill in persuading those of the “Democrats” who are not on the nihilistic, totalitarian left that these reductions must be made or the nation will fail.

President Walker might well start by ending, overnight, all federal spending on climate change. After more than 18 years without measurable global warming, and after a quarter of a century during which global warming has occurred at exactly half the rate predicted by the U.N.’s climate panel in 1990, it is entirely clear to all but the loony left and the gaga greens that the computer models were wrong and the Inhofes, Singers and Moncktons were right.

So shut down all the climate spending. Defund the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. And do not – under any circumstances – ratify the climate treaty now being drafted by the world-government wannabes at the U.N. for the Lima climate gabfest this December or, if it fails there, at the Paris summit in December 2015.

It will also be necessary to get control of welfare spending, which is scandalously wasteful and ill-managed. For a start, benefits should be withheld from any illegal immigrant, and for at least five years from any lawful immigrant, so as to put the lid firmly on the welfare honey-pot that attracts unaffordable economic migrants from all over the world.

Plans should also be laid for the reversal of Soetero “care.” This costly, bureaucratic monster should be slaughtered, and the dishonestly titled “Affordable Care Act” should be repealed.

The GOP should aim for nothing less than a balanced budget. That will mean welfare reductions and tax hikes for all, as well as drastic reductions in federal spending. But if America does not recover her economic might, then her descent from superpower to Third World will be swift, painful and humiliating.

Finally, the world’s most flagrant example of in-your-face dishonesty and corruption in government – the bogus “birth certificate” on the crime scene that is the White House website – must be firmly dealt with.

I know not whether Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii. But it is clear beyond reasonable doubt that the document on the White House website is not a genuine Hawaiian birth certificate. The corruption in Hawaii that created the forgery, and in Washington, D.C., that allows the forgery to continue in circulation, must be ended.

Congress must at once announce an investigation into the forgery. For although it is right to argue that if a criminal offense has been committed the investigating authorities should act, it has become clear that they simply do not have the courage to do their duty and take on Mr. Obama and the army of vicious leftists with whom he surrounds himself.

This vital congressional investigation cannot be put off any longer. Your Constitution and your systems of government and law are being openly and mendaciously flouted by a nasty faction that hates everything that America and the free West stand for. Fight back, or go down.

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