Mr. Farah:

I, too, grew up in a Democratic home [“Democrats hate ‘fairness,’ ‘free speech'”]. I, too, cheered when JFK was elected and cried many tears when he was assassinated.

I cannot pinpoint just when I changed to Republican. I think my change was more from liberal to conservative, rather than party affiliation. I was no fan of Richard Nixon during his presidency and when he resigned. But in looking back, I believe he did love his country. We now have a president who definitely does not love, nor even like, America. And he has total contempt for our military, a sad commentary for one who holds the title of “commander in chief.”

This president has two more years left and can do a lot more damage in that time. Yesterday’s election results might slow him down a little, but won’t stop him. I can only hope that the new Senate will hold his feet to the fire and stop making it so easy for him to “fundamentally change America.”

Frances Haase

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