This past year has been one of cascading crises – from Obamacare, to the invasion of the U.S. across our southern border, to the ascendency of ISIS, Iran and Putin’s Russia, to illegal executive amnesty – each and every catastrophe either caused or greatly exacerbated by Barack Obama.

But I have to tell you, such chaos was predicted way back in January by Whistleblower, WND’s acclaimed monthly print magazine.

In an amazingly prophetic New Year’s issue headlined “THE YEAR OF MANUFACTURED CRISES,” Whistleblower foresaw in advance how 2014 would play out.

With Obama’s popularity plummeting and scandals skyrocketing, Whistleblower asked – and answered – the big question: “What’s the administration’s next move?”

“Obama at this point has only one way forward,” said Whistleblower: “Crises. Lots of crises.”

After all, Barack Obama is wholly committed to ever-expanding government, and government expands through crisis.

Consider what would happen if, magically, there were no major societal crises in America today, and if most citizens – as has been the case in some earlier eras – were content, family-oriented, free and grateful for the blessings of living in this uniquely blessed country. Obama and his agenda would be seen for what they really are, and he would be swiftly and surely impeached by the House of Representatives, convicted by the Senate and removed from office.

But if people continue to be confused, intimidated and upset over constant crises and the accompanying left-wing demagoguery and demonization of conservatives – as they have for five years – Obama can likely make it through the remainder of his second term handily, with his destructive “transformational” policies intact.

Let me say this about Whistleblower, based not just on my opinion but on the mail we receive from subscribers: Whistleblower delivers something no other newsmagazine does. It’s more than news. You already get the day’s news for free from WND – delivered up-to-the-minute, truthfully and fearlessly. However, what Whistleblower does is to explain and illustrate, one topic at a time (each issue tackles just one major subject), what it all really means, why things are happening the way they are, where things are all heading – and even more importantly, how you can protect and prepare yourself and your family and avoid becoming a casualty of the increasingly overwhelming chaos in today’s world.

The current issue of Whistleblower, “OF MESSIAHS FALSE AND TRUE,” is receiving rave reviews. But other hot issues in the past 12 months have included “THE ROAD TO ARMAGEDDON,” about a crazy hidden side to the current Islamist contagion you never knew, “THE REAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE,” an astonishing look at drug use and addiction in the U.S., “THE REAL AMERICA,” a look at everything that is still good, smart, virtuous, wonderful and hopeful in the greatest nation on earth, and “THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN AMERICA,” a guided tour of the inner sanctum of the Obama White House where one person, Valerie Jarrett, serves as “Obama’s Rasputin.”

I would like every loyal WND reader to reap the benefits of receiving our valuable magazine monthly. And because this is Christmas, we want to give you a gift, so we’ve done something unprecedented:

We’ve cut the price of a 12-month Whistleblower subscription IN HALF – but only for this month. Rather than the retail price of $49.95, we’ve made it just $24.95 during December.

Whistleblower is just too good for any serious WND reader to be without, so won’t you please take advantage of our radically low price this month and subscribe? If you already subscribe, you can renew or extend your subscription at this ridiculously low rate. And at just $24.95 (including shipping), please consider giving a Whistleblower gift subscription to your friends, family and loved ones.

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