Not everyone is familiar with the term “replacement theology.” It is a controversial and false doctrine that began with Constantine and still persists to this day. All of us have been affected by its negative influence through many centuries of church history. This belief began as a very serious doctrinal error: the false belief that the church had replaced Israel in the plan of God. In short, replacement theology suggests that because Israel rebelled and fell away, she forfeited her promises and the covenant blessings, and therefore the church has replaced her and become “the new Israel.”

Pastor David Hudson from Riverside Ministries Church in Morgantown, West Virginia, has ministered the Word of God worldwide in 55 countries on 5 continents. He knows the truth and speaks it and concludes that this theology is not Bible-based and that anyone who believes it is misinformed.

“God does have a plan for the church,” he said, “and it’s not to replace Israel.”

Another strong opponent of this doctrine is David Brog, the executive director of Christians United for Israel, an American pro-Israel Christian organization. He is the author of “In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian Idea and the Struggle for Humanity.” As an American Jew, Brog is an active proponent of stronger Jewish-Christian relations, particularly with regard to support of Israel.

Brog has tremendous insight into the pain Jews have experienced due to the false doctrine of replacement theology, which has lead to mistrust.

“How could Christians persecute us for 2,000 years and then on a dime, decide that they love us and want to support and stand with us?” he asked. “If they can change from hate to love on a dime, maybe they could change back immediately.”

It is in error to conclude that the Jews were disinherited from their own Hebrew Bible or that all of the promises in Genesis should be understood that the church would inherit Israel.

In truth God can be trusted to finish what He started with Israel. The homecoming of the Jews to their promised land and the ongoing existence of their nation is literal and tangible, eyewitness proof to all nations of the world, that God does keep His word to His people.

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