Here’s the plan to dump Boehner

By Joseph Farah


OK, I surrender! No more emails are necessary to persuade me that you mean business when it comes to unseating John Boehner as House speaker.

I asked yesterday for your reaction and to gauge support for such a campaign. Did I ever get it – in the form of hundreds of emails demanding to know how to dump the one I call “Barack Obama’s No. 1 enabler.”

You can get a sampling of them here.

Of course, the only way to effectuate the unseating of Boehner is to convince the majority of House Republicans that it is not only the right thing to do, but also in their own best interests. I really believe we can do that.

The only problem we’ve had in the past is the direct communication between the people and the lawmakers.

Yes, they have phones, but the lines get jammed, and there really is no methodology for calculating the calls that come in, the ones that go unanswered and translating them into numbers every member can appreciate and evaluate.

Yes, there are fax machines, but there are limitations there, too. They run out of paper. The faxes end up in the garbage. The speaker himself has the power to prohibit any collation, meaningful reports and tabulation. And, most importantly, no members ever see what the avalanche of paper looks like during the entirety of the campaign.

Yes, there is mail, but there are more problems than you know with it. All mail needs to go through a screening process outside the Capitol. It causes long delays. And how difficult is it to send a letter to all 246 Republican members of the House? How expensive and time-consuming would that be?

My plan doesn’t involve any of those traditional lobbying methods. It’s been tried before with amazing results. It reaches all those who need to get it in hard copy form with guaranteed delivery to their individual offices, personalized to them and by the sender. It’s cheap, effective and sends a powerful message that cannot be ignored. It’s even been tested.

One such campaign by WND resulted in 9.5 million letters delivered to members of Congress – the historic “pink slip” campaign.

The message all members receive in the letters is succinct, persuasive, professional, civil. And they are delivered by Federal Express, if you can believe it, for maximum impact.


That’s 246 different letters, with different names and addresses and different destinations all for the one price of $29.95 – and they’re sent by Fed Ex! Try to top that. It’s just not something individuals could ever do.

What do YOU think? Should John Boehner be ousted as House speaker? Sound off in today’s WND poll!

From previous campaigns we know this approach prompts members to talk about the boxes of letters that are coming into their offices each day. And that’s exactly what we want to do with the DUMP BOEHNER CAMPAIGN – a grass-roots lobbying effort that can channel your outrage into effective and meaningful action.

Can we guarantee a majority of Republican members will see the light as a result of this campaign? No, but we can guarantee that they will see, hear and feel your participation in it. At the very least, they will be without excuse. It will be impossible for this campaign to be missed or misunderstood. It will provide, with your help, unambiguous evidence of Republican righteous voter anger and frustration with a system that is broken.

The implication is clear for every Republican House member – line up against Boehner’s leadership in the only way that counts OR be considered part of the problem. It’s that simple.

For WND’s part, we do all the heavy lifting. We buy the paper. We print the letters. We pay for delivery. We measure results. We gather and chronicle responses and feedback from members. We work the media. We organize the press conferences. We spearhead the campaign on your behalf.

Your only obligation is participating by paying a nominal amount that covers our mailing and handling expenses.

Just compare the price and time commitment of an individual participating in this campaign versus a do-it-yourself effort or one of the old-fashioned fax or phone campaigns. There’s simply no comparison in price, time commitment and, most importantly, effectiveness.

You can order your 246 letters sent today, and they will be ready for delivery when the new Congress reconvenes in January. It would be great to see thousands or, better yet, tens of thousands flooding in that first week. That will make an impression that cannot be ignored by Republican members of the House.

I can tell you, from personal experience, there are many, many House Republicans who are as mad as you about the Boehner betrayal. They need to know you are behind them. And others need to be persuaded that Boehner is the captain of the Titanic right now. They don’t want to go down with that ship.

Will this work? Only God knows for sure. But I say it’s worth a try – and apparently many of you agree with me that we have to do something.

Oh, and what about Mitch McConnell? Let’s see if he sees the light when the pressure on Boehner rises. Let’s deal with them one at a time. Right now, I sense more fury at Boehner. If we can’t dump him, we can’t dump anyone, and the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs.

I’m excited. Now it’s up to you. I’ve already ordered my letters. I’ve even secured the domain names and for social media dissemination. Tell your friends.


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