(HEARTLAND) — In September 2011, a homeschool family in Missouri had a traumatic encounter with local law enforcement when a sheriff and his deputy entered their home without a warrant. The parents are now teaming up with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) to press charges against the two officers involved, on the grounds the warrantless raid violated their Fourth Amendment rights.

A Child Protective Services (CPS) worker reportedly claimed that the home of Jason and Laura Hagan was “messy” and was denied access to the home on a second visit. This prompted CPS to call Nodaway Country Sheriff Darren White, who, along with another officer, Captain David Glidden, came to the Hagans’ house and demanded to be let in. When the Hagans refused to comply, the police responded with force.

According to HSLDA’s report, when the Hagans tried to close their door, Glidden sprayed pepper spray in both of their faces. Laura Hagan collapsed, while Jason remained standing, only to be hit in the back with Glidden’s Taser. Laura tried to close the door as the Taser jolted her husband several more times.

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