Eric Garner held by police

Eric Garner held by police

Michael Savage

Savage was outraged by the grand jury’s decision not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Panteleo after his use of an illegal chokehold led to the death of petty criminal Eric Garner.

“Forget the ‘white/black’ issue,” he told his listeners, “although that’s a big part of it. The officer is, in my opinion, a common bar thug and a coward.

“OK, Eric Garner broke the law. He was selling unlicensed cigarettes, and he had a rap sheet of minor crimes. Is that any reason a father of six should die? They treated him like an animal” (Free audio).

Savage affirmed the police are “right 99.9 percent of the time,” but he called Garner’s death “the chokehold murder of an innocent man.”

On the other hand, Savage said he was in favor of the so-called “militarization of the police” that some say lead to incidents like that one.

“Obama also said he was worried about how much military equipment is being handed down to the nation’s police forces,” Savage noted. “Now let’s say your husband or your father is a policeman who is working in a community where the gang bangers have AK-47s and other assault weapons. What are they supposed to do? Go out on patrol naked?” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

“I know this is gonna offend people, but this has to be pointed out,” said Limbaugh as he prepared to share a troubling statistic with his audience.

“The black population is between 13 and 16 percent,” he said. However, if it hadn’t been for “Planned Parenthood and all the abortions,” that figure “would be 36 percent.”

Limbaugh added, “By the way, this is another reason why Democrats need things like amnesty and a constant influx of people that become their permanent underclass, because Democrat Party policies are actually limiting the numbers of future Democrats born in America” (Free audio).

Earlier in the week, Limbaugh commented on Obama’s reaction to the Ferguson grand jury findings after playing some sound bites from the president’s meeting with law enforcement officials and community leaders.

“The first black president acknowledges that his presence has not mattered a whit in improving race relations,” said the radio host, “and not only have they not mattered a whit, he is going to capitalize on the fact that he has failed to smooth over race relations. He’s going to take advantage of it. He’s going to use it” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

On a special “Listeners’ Choice” episode of his radio show, investigative broadcaster Aaron Klein took audience calls for the first hour, letting them set the agenda for the program.

Later, Klein reveals “smoking gun evidence” that ties the president to the radicals who hijacked the Ferguson protests. He also discussed the looming threat to America’s electrical grid posed by Chinese hackers and Mexican drug cartels. As well, Klein reacted to the House Intelligence report on Benghazi – and more (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Addressing the American Legislative Exchange Council convention in Washington, D.C., Mark Levin told the gathering of lawmakers to “take your power back.”

The group is calling for a constitutional convention, a subject close to Levin’s heart. Not everyone favors such a gathering, but Levin advised his audience to “ignore these idiots. … We’re not some cult over here. We’re the majority.”

Back behind his microphone, Levin accused the usual gang of left-wing demagogues of “whipping up Ferguson to cover their failures.”

“As far as Jesse Jackson is concerned,” Levin said, “Ferguson is not Selma, and Michael Brown is not Emmett Till. There was no racial profiling here. There was no racist police officer here. The militarization, quote, unquote, of the police force had nothing to do with this. This police officer was acting in self-defense. And Michael Brown was the perpetrator here” (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

“Put a body camera on the president!”

That was Ingraham’s reaction to the proposal that American police officers be provided with body cameras to help prevent “another Ferguson.”

She liked the idea but joked that it didn’t go far enough: “Maybe, why not, put a body-cam on the president. Because I and I know a lot of people would like to know this: How much time does he actually spend during the day on the U.S. economy? I’m talking about jobs, opportunity for people, expanding economic opportunity and running the government versus doing the community organizing around the table. That body-cam would be fascinating” (Free audio).

Ingraham wasn’t impressed by the five St. Louis Rams players who staged a silent protest before their game on Sunday, purportedly in support of the “Ferguson community.”

“I don’t know about you, but when I watch football, I want to watch football,” she said. “I don’t want to watch someone’s political agenda shoved down my throat, whether I’m in agreement with it or not,” advising the athletes to “shut up and play.”

Glenn Beck

A federal judge has ruled that a lawsuit against Glenn Beck can go ahead.

The talk show host failed to convince the judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought by a Saudi Arabian student, who Beck repeatedly said was the “money man” behind the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

On a lighter note, Beck and his on-air crew had fun at the expense of some homesick French jihadists, whose letters to their parents indicate that life in ISIS isn’t the glamorous adventure they’d fantasized about.

“You know what this is? Capitalism winning,” Beck’s co-host Stu Burguiere said. “In the end, capitalism wins because they want these things. They like this lifestyle. All the things they claim to despise – look at what happened to Occupy Wall Street. It was the same situation.”

“They were all there yelling about Steve Jobs,” Beck pointed out. “They were all yelling about how evil corporations [are], but they were all on their Apple iPhones” (Free audio).

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