Obama: Arsonist in chief

By Joseph Farah

When I look at the protests springing up across the country in the wake of Ferguson, I see a phenomenon that is both very familiar to me and, at the same time, absolutely irrational and destructive.

As an active participant in protests in the 1960s and 1970s – both the peaceful kind and the riots – I understand what motivates people to block traffic, destroy property, commit arson, attack police.

One thing I can say with certainty: I have never seen looting, vandalism, mob violence and other crimes result from a knowledge of the truth. It always springs from manipulation of information, from unbridled emotional response, from twisted accounts, from provocation.

The difference between what happened a generation ago during the Vietnam War era and what is happening in the streets today is who’s pulling the strings.

Back then, rightly or wrongly, our protests were directed at:

  1. the president of the United States;
  2. the larger political establishment in Washington;
  3. the cultural establishment, especially the press.

Today, the president, the larger political establishment in Washington and the cultural establishment, especially the press, are not the targets of the protests, they are the instigators of them.

I thought I was stupid to have been manipulated into protesting a war directed from Washington. Today Washington is instigating a racial war in the streets of America to distract attention from its own failed policies.

It’s not just Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton serving as agents provocateur. It’s the media throwing gasoline on the fire, fully aware of the fact that they are guilty of withholding and obscuring truth in what they report and fail to report. They are making the case for nihilistic violence and mayhem. Their lies and obfuscations are the matches and the gasoline needed to ignite the Molotov cocktails.

Think about that.

These protests are not directed at the power structure. In fact, they are orchestrated by the power structure.

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Obama and company, along with his cheerleaders in the establishment press, are in fact the unseen marionettes behind this puppet show.

Am I wrong? Or is this the first time in American history the leadership of the country was deliberately inciting revolutionary street violence directed at police, white people and property and businesses no matter who owns them?

And what is it all about?

The protesters hold up their hands and plead “don’t shoot” – claiming to mimic what happened to Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson. But nothing like that happened between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson. It doesn’t matter. The narrative has been written. If the narrative is repeated enough, people will believe it. That’s what’s happening. Mass manipulation breeds a form of collective insanity.

So stores that provide jobs and goods for the black community in Ferguson are torched. Churches, including one that served even the family of Michael Brown, are burned down. Businesses are looted. White people are beaten and killed.

Now the manufactured violence and hatred is spreading – nationwide.

The question is no longer whether racial relations in America have deteriorated under the first black president. The only question is why he deliberately inflames the passions of racists – black and white.

Is it just a matter of distraction? Political sleight of hand? Is it to let off steam of the broken promises of six years in power and policies that have hurt the very people they were supposed to help?

Or is this orchestrated mayhem rooted in Obama’s own visceral hatred of America? Is it intended to grow exponentially and bring down the whole system – in the model of Cloward-Piven manufactured crisis?

Obama is no longer the “community organizer in chief.” He has become “arsonist in chief.”

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