Obama on race: Limp-wristed anti-leader

By Mychal Massie

America is suffering from a lack of leadership. Obama isn’t a leader; he is Erebus eulogizing over America sans having anything kind or truthful to say about her.

His manic supporters are selective in what they view as an example of leadership, none moreso than the hordes of blacks who suffer from willful “he’s black and therefore can do no wrong” syndrome. When they are unable to debate cogently (which is their one constant) they make excuses for Obama and/or wave off his need to be involved in the situation.

Such has been the case pursuant to his handling of Ferguson, Missouri. Obama fanned the flames of racial discontent from the very outset of the Ferguson shooting. A leader is a person who possesses a strong moral foundation. A true leader is not the equivalent of troublemaker who sides with thugs and bullies, but that is exactly what Obama does.

As I said in an on-air interview, “Obama had the opportunity to do what is right. Instead he chose to incite discord and rebellion.” I further pointed out that Ferguson was yet another missed opportunity for Obama to show himself worthy of the office he holds.

Had I been in his position, instead of using Air Force One as a personal limousine service for the FLOTUS, I would flown it to Ferguson and taken hands-on action to make sure there would be no rioting. I would have exercised my bully pulpit and made it unequivocally clear that as long as I was president of the United States I would not abide the type of violence festering there. I would have used my bully pulpit to inform all media outlets that I would take a dim view of them not reporting factually for the express purpose of inciting a riot by vilifying the law enforcement process before the facts where fully known.

A true leader is a man respected at home, revered abroad and feared by the evildoers. But Obama panders to our evildoers, alienates our allies and shows himself to be a limp-wristed paper doll at home. Obama’s only real domestic strength is to foment racial discord and racial antipathy.

Were I in his position, I would have let there be no doubt that we are a nation of laws and without said laws, we would descend into anarchy and chaos, and that I was not about to permit that to happen on my watch as commander in chief.

A leader leads. As a leader, instead of sending my attorney general to foment animus and anger, I would have sent him to tell the domestic terrorist groups like the New Black Panther Party that they would be met with the full weight of my office if they were found to be inciting violence. If I were president, I would have made it clear that the local law enforcement would carry out their investigation, and whatever they concluded to be the facts would be honored. That is the way the rule of law works.

America doesn’t have a race problem; America has a leadership problem. If I had been elected president, from my very first day in office I would have made it clear that I was about rule of law and fairness. I would have made it clear that I was taking the lead in ending the race mongering.

My domestic social agenda would be more substantive than blaming whites and promoting debauchery. I would honor and support the Constitution, and I would have my attorney general enforce same.

I condemn self-segregation and segregative speech and assignations. A president of color, more than one who is not, has the melanin card he or she can use to trump racialisms in a positive way. Obama, however, has seen fit to use that card to foment angst and immiseration. I would preach hope and unity built on our being Americans. I would seize every opportunity both domestic and abroad to boast of America and the greatest of her citizenry; but Obama does the exact opposite. He tells how far America has to go, which is code for white-people bashing. I would tell the people they elected me to lead not to be a color.

America needs a leader, but the “color” that was elected is nothing more than a prissy paper doll with no courage and no heart. He is a pernicious liar and troublemaker. And I ask you what kind of leader goes out of his way to harm the people for whom he was elected to secure a better future? What kind of leader makes no pretense of supporting and fomenting racial discord? The answer is the one who is currently in the White House.

When Obama was elected president, the consensus of opinion was that America had transcended racial antipathy. The consensus of opinion was that Obama would be able to lead America forward pursuant to issues of race unlike any president before him.

That was a tragic assumption. Obama has done more to divide America on issues of race than any president before him. Obama has displayed an incredible proclivity for fomenting racial discord.

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