Popcorn politics: Coming soon to a theater near you

By Gina Loudon

Popcorn time! This is gonna’ be good.

Think of it like the sequel to your favorite Bogie and Bacall movie, served to you in your bed, with all the butter on your popcorn that you can stand. It’s hot. Here is a review of some of the feature shows of the next political season.

“The Budget Battle,” starring Elizabeth Warren and Goldman Sachs. Hillary Clinton wanted to be president, ever since she was Bill Clinton’s “little filly standin’ by her man” as he cheated, blue-dress style. First, her presidency was stolen by Barack Hussein Obama. Now another thief, a woman, enters the scene, promising nails-on-chalkboard action, suspense, and bodies turning up in strange places. In the first battle scene, Warren’s character emerges victorious in what promises to build to a climax so epic, it could destroy her party. In a scene only Hollywood could create, Warren actually panders to Main Street after living on Wall Street for most of her political life. Still, Hillary’s partner in crime, Bill, has taken more than $400,000 in speaking fees from Wall Street’s own Goldman Sachs, and this may be enough to save Warren when the sharks start to circle. No one has more enemies inside the beltway than the Clintons, but few wield their level of power, either. A twisted plot of conspiracy and revenge, catfight style. Don’t miss this action packed adventure in theatres now.

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“2016: The End of an Era” is an ambitious, epic treatment of the presidency of Barack Obama. All Barack ever really wanted was paternal redemption. He dreamed as a young boy of conquering the pro-colonialist America from the inside. He gave it all he had and he was schooled and sculpted by the worst enemies of the country he would rule. He only ever nodded to those operatives who told him they knew the answers to how to entirely “re-organize” the country and he did everything they said, obediently. In a dark circle of conspiracy, Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones point the way, but Obama’s scheme to unravel all tradition and morality is exposed and shredded by an uprising and a re-enlightenment among those he had hoped were merely mindless useful idiots. The joker, Gruber, emerges and proves that even the best webs of destruction can unravel at the most inopportune time. Regrettably, while “The End of an Era” is intriguing, it falls short of any lasting impression when the pagan, communist plot is exposed for exactly what it is: ineffective and failed.

Both of these new releases promise an action-packed movie season, but emerging on the horizon is an epic battle all its own. Conservatives shouldn’t get too cocky; they will have drama, too.

“The Saboteur,” starring Karl Rove, will be the screenplay that plays out on the other side of the theater. After a rousing victory in 2014, rank-and-file conservatives are emboldened. Conservative heroes emerge one-by-one to become the GOP frontrunner and continue the defeat of the evil statists who had been destroying the republic from within. But, as each conservative candidate starts to pull ahead, a saboteur within the party takes them down, one-by-one, until the saboteur’s chosen candidate is the only one left standing. Conservatives are left with two bad choices. One is to support the big-government Republican, and the other is the frustrating path of losing yet again to those who would subjugate them. In a bloody final battle, conservatives are left with the age-old choice of conforming again to the lesser of two evils, or creating a backlash so epic that it teaches the elitists once and for all that they don’t get to rule by edict.

I was able to give a little preview of the Elizabeth Warren saga on Fox Business this week:

[jwplayer SyOEGLKa]

As for me, I am really getting excited to watch these epic battles unfold, and to engage as the villain I can be when you mess with my freedom. Popcorn be damned, I will be in the action every chance I can get. Viewers should all be asking themselves one question: What is your role in these battle scenes?

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