Replace the partisan sham, or liberty dies

By Alan Keyes

What will it take to get the people who are supposed to represent us in government to realize that America’s survival as a free nation urgently requires that Barack Obama and his collaborators be called to account? The situation of the United States today reminds me of the period during the 9/11 terrorist attack, between the moment when each tower was struck and the moment of its breathtaking collapse (about 2 hours, as I recall).

Obama’s two terms are like those hours. This analogy suggests that sometime in the next two years we have reason to expect the breathtaking implosion of what’s left of the American way of life. The collapse has already begun. Hopeless unemployment is being obscured by systematically falsified government statistics and debt-financed welfare expenditures. This is an intentional effort to create a permanent urban “lumpenproletariat,” ripe for violent outbreaks. Such outbreaks are already being stirred and manipulated for purposes of political/social intimidation.

In addition to domestic decline, our relative stature internationally is also declining. For the first time since post-Reconstruction era after the Civil War, the United States of America is not the world’s largest economy. Despite the rich natural endowments of our land and people, and our highly developed material and educational infrastructure, government policies inimical to our productivity are debasing the self-discipline and stifling the productive genius characteristic of the American people. These policies include the over-regulation and taxation of our economic activity. But what is often missed is that the promotion of irregular, self-indulgent moral behavior, specifically targeting the integrity of the family unit, works decisively toward the same bad end.

In his semi-fictional autobiography, Barack Obama portrays himself as an assiduous student of Marxism, an ideology inherently inimical to America’s economic and political institutions. The purposeful disintegration of America’s strength that is taking place on his watch is in line with that ideology. It corresponds to the deconstruction of bourgeois, capitalist society, intended to hasten the moment when the decadence occasioned by its historically inevitable internal contradictions leads to its collapse. From this ideological viewpoint, the destructive effect of the changes being imposed on the nation during Obama’s occupancy of the White House are successful acts of class warfare.

So are his persistent efforts to evade or overthrow constitutional constraints. But even though his Marxist background suffices to explain his destructive actions, it would be a mistake to conclude that he alone is the reason for them. The understanding of government on which the U.S. Constitution was based involves a far more ancient and compelling understanding of the class warfare endemic to human political affairs, one that involves the age-old struggle between the many and the few, the princes and the people at large, whom the nobility or gentry have habitually been tempted to regard as less than human.

Ironically, the left-wing ideologies rooted in Marxism are all of them predicated on some version of this dehumanization of what the Marxists are pleased to call the “masses” (as if the preponderance of human beings are no more individually distinctive than the cells in a mass of biological tissue.) This language is a clue to the fact that, for all its pretensions of indignant sympathy with the plight of the “people” and its proclaimed commitment to “progress,” in practice leftist ideology has uniformly ended up producing government by the few, predicated on nothing more than their ability to consolidate manipulative power by whatever means necessary. Americans commonly sense that, in terms of the understanding of justice on which their way of life has been predicated, this is not progress at all. It’s regression. It returns humanity to government of, by and for the powerful few, with their abuses unconstrained by any prescribed limit.

This common sense of the lie at the heart of Obama’s promise of “change” is leading more and more Americans to reject it. They are awakening to the fact that the damage America is suffering is no accident of circumstances, no happenstance of good intentions incompetently gone awry. They are finally acknowledging that an implacable foe is laying siege to our constitutional form of government, our faithfully self-disciplined free society and indeed our whole way of life.

The recent midterm election offered more than convincing evidence that a majority of Americans now stands decisively against Obama. Yet since the election every day brings new evidence that the juggernaut of anti-American change, for which Obama is the figurehead, moves forward apace. Though the GOP is supposedly committed to upholding the liberty he aims to destroy, its quisling leaders have been taking pains to make sure the election outcome doesn’t interfere with that juggernaut’s momentum.

In the past week or so, despite all their rhetoric to the contrary, these quislings have agreed to full funding for Obama’s dictatorial assault on the Constitution and integrity of the sovereign body of the American people. They are also open to cooperating with Obama on other agendas Americans reject, including approval of a new so-called “free trade” agreement for the Pacific, which further extends the regime of socialist regulation masked with that misnomer. Its passage will involve the reinstitution of “fast track” negotiating authority, giving the man the quislings decry as “lawless” free rein to negotiate trade deals in secret and then force them through the Senate without proper scrutiny or debate.

This is done precisely in order to impose results that advantage an elitist few at the expense of the people at large, results informed Americans would therefore reject. Do we require more striking proof that the so-called “two-party” system is now a vehicle for rubber-stamping dictatorial rule by an elitist few? When will Americans act in recognition of the fact, now painfully clear, that this corruptly phony partisan process must be urgently replaced? If it is not, government of, by and for the people will have suffered that fate instead.

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