Ferguson riots after grand jury decides not to indict Officer Wilson

Ferguson riots after grand jury decides not to indict Officer Wilson

The Michael Brown protests, which started out to lobby a case against the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who encountered the giant teenager that fatal day in August – long before a grand jury decided there were no charges possible against Officer Darren Wilson – appear to have developed into a cottage industry.

Run by Communists, in many cases.

Bloomberg.com reported at a gathering of several hundred in a church in St. Louis recently, there were Communist Party members from New York along with others.

“What started as a spontaneous neighborhood protest in the hours after 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson has expanded internationally, drawing support from as far away as London and Hong Kong. As groups joined Ferguson-related protests over the past 114 days, they’ve brought new energy and resources to the movement,” the report said.

“They’ve also hatched ideas, goals and tactics of their own – sometimes at odds with the original protests over police brutality and racial profiling.”

“A lot of these groups, I’ve never heard of,” Johnetta Elzie, 25, a St. Louis activist, told Bloomberg.

At locations like Tumblr, there were lists and postings of such rallies, featuring the raised fist image so long associated communism.

Other locations featured images of “Ferguson” rallies by groups such as “Defend Wall St.”

“Protests in Ferguson, Missouri, continued last night, and among the demonstrators exercising their right to free speech were some calling for a ‘communist revolution,'” according to Twitchy.

On a banner signed by the Progressive Labor Party was the slogan “Smash Racist Cops with Communist Revolution.”

A tweet from Paul Hampel noted, “While crowd chants ‘only solution is a communist revolution,’ National Guard replaces cops at front line.”

One sheriff, Milwaukee County’s David Clarke, spoke recently at a sheriff’s convention, explaining that a number of different groups descended on Ferguson “like vultures on a roadside carcass.”

He also was highly critical of the nation’s top law enforcer, Attorney General Eric Holder, during the address.

See his comments:

Other reports explained how members of the Revolutionary Communist Party have been joining the protests.

The AP reported in Portland, Oregon, that a recent “Michael Brown” protest “had many elements of the Occupy Portland movement, which galvanized protesters in the city and formed a network of people who still communicate via mass text message.”

“A communist group called for the overthrow of capitalism, and a group calling for a Palestinian state … held court during a series of speeches,” the report said.

At the Western Journalism Center, a report cited the “constant presence” of groups like the “white communist-led Revolutionary Communist Party” as well as the “Workers World Party.”

“Like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, RCP chairman Bob Avakian is a white communist who came out of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the group that laid siege to college campuses before turning into the terrorist Weather Underground,” it said.

A column there by commentator Cliff Kincaid noted, “This is a perfect opportunity for the new Congress to investigate communist subversion and agitation. But that would require creation of new committees or subcommittees to examine the idea that the U.S. has an internal security preblem that needs to be exposed and addressed.”


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