Re: “Anti-cop protesters flood streets of NYC”

New York City (all five boroughs) has a population of 8.4 million. Of these, 32.8 percent are white. Hispanics make up 29 percent; black non-Hispanics are 22.6 percent.

According to official NYPD crime statistics for 2013, non-whites commit 95 percent of all murders, 90 percent of all robberies, 97 percent of all shooting arrests, 90 percent of all rapes, 90 percent of all felony sex crimes, 91 percent of all felony assaults and 90 percent of all grand larcenies. In each of these crime categories, blacks are disproportionately victims and offenders.

Fanning flames with anti-police rhetoric, far-left liberal lunatics like Bill de Blasio, Barack Obama and Eric Holder – who are better suited for a sanitarium than political office – ought to think long and hard about what our major American cities would be like without a vigilant police presence.

G. Hansen

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