White trash commit crimes, too

By Ted Nugent

If you view the world through a racist lens, virtually everything will appear to be a cruel injustice fueled by hate and bigotry.

The reality, fortunately, is quite different than what race hustlers like Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan erroneously proclaim.

America has made great strides in becoming a color-blind society. Let’s be clear: If it were not for white Americans, Mr. Obama would not be our president.

Even further strides toward the Promised Land could be made if the president would ban race hustler Al Sharpton from the White House. Sharpton’s past is an ugly one as it pertains to racial issues, and the president surely knows this.

There is no justification to give Sharpton any credibility unless Mr. Obama’s goal is to fracture race relations, which have taken a serious nosedive since he was elected.

If the facts were important to Obama and his gun-running attorney general, they would focus their efforts on reducing the violence that plagues our inner cities, which is overwhelmingly black-on-black crime. At just 13 percent of the population, blacks commit 50 percent of all murders.

All that temporarily aside, it’s time to discuss the other side of the criminal coin: white trash thugs.

For the most part, it’s white trash thugs who are the methheads. They are the ones kicking down your doors when you’re not home and stealing your jewelry, televisions and other possessions. Rural America is infested with this white trash subhuman debris who make and sell toxic methamphetamines, destroying lives and everything in their cracker path.

Almost every time I see a person arrested for possessing or trafficking child pornography, it’s white trash.

When there’s a massive financial crime, it’s white trash like Bernie Madoff, the Enron Gang, Bernard Ebbers, Dennis Kozlowski, etc., who ripped off their companies and innocent investors for billions, ruined their companies and destroyed lives.

It has been largely been white scum-masters in Congress who have stolen almost $3 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund and spent it on other pet scam projects. If there were ever a high crime and misdemeanor, ripping off the Social Security Trust Fund is it.

It has also been largely white trash in our government who put our nation on the road to financial insolvency. With our nation at almost $19 trillion in debt, we are accumulating a trillion dollars in new debt every year. Thanks to this massive con game, we are literally robbing the futures of our children and grandchildren who are going to have to pay for this entire ripoff.

It’s been white trash elected officials who have destroyed the black community through a massive welfare street-hustle con game. It has all been done to con blacks into voting for the Democratic Party. Blacks should be outraged that this massive swindle, engineered by white devils, has destroyed their communities, families, individuals and entire once loud and proud black culture.

Regardless your thoughts on the grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown or Eric Garner cases, we should all agree that grand juries and the criminal justice system, for the most part, get it right far more often than they get it wrong.

With the overall safest streets in our history, I’m standing with the thin blue line warriors who put their lives on the line every day to make our communities safe. They are the good guys, black or white.

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