Dump Boehner movement? Just getting started

By Joseph Farah

In the end, John Boehner even needed help from Democrats to beat off a challenge by House Republicans to his speakership.

Had it not been for some 27 members, mostly Democrats, not showing up for a floor vote, he might have been denied re-election.

That’s fitting, since Boehner has been a facilitator of Democrat policies since he first got the job in 2011.

When House Republicans alone under his leadership had opportunity after opportunity to deny Barack Obama the borrowed money he needed to implement his radical agenda, Boehner ensured, year after year, that Obama got what he needed.

He put down calls for freezing the debt limit.

He ruthlessly used the power of the speakership to punish those who didn’t march in lockstep with his agenda.

He even forbade incoming freshmen congressmen the privilege of meeting privately with tea-party dissenters.

When more Republicans were elected in the 2014 midterm as the only option to try to stop Obamacare funding and Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty gambit, Boehner thanked voters by providing funding for the programs that drove them to the polls.

It has not been unusual to see Boehner to get his way using Democrat votes in the House. But this time the only help he needed was keeping Democrats away, lowering the majority vote bar enough so he could squeak back into the second most powerful office in the land by the skin of his teeth.

I guess those of us who have fought the good fight against Boehner and the Republican establishment could throw up our hands and give up the fight.

Not me.

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I hope not you.

We fight another day.

And that day is today.

I like to think I had something to do with starting this historic and nearly successful rebellion. When no one else was even talking about a “dump Boehner movement,” I started one, with the help of grass-roots support from across the nation.

Don’t Be Yellow: Dump Boehner Now!” managed to generate 560,000 letters to House Republicans in about three weeks – during the holidays! Well, I am happy to announce today that the campaign continues. We can’t give up.

I’m afraid it’s going to take millions of letters to awaken the House Republicans who put committee assignments and prime office space above the best interests of their country. But we can do it. We came very close Tuesday – closer than I could have imagined three weeks ago.

What would an avalanche of mail delivered to the offices of House Republicans in the coming weeks mean?

Would they begin to have second thoughts?

Would they begin to realize their decision to support Boehner was not really in their best interests after all?

Would they think it might be time to get on the right side of history?

The good news is that speakers of the House can be dumped any time. It’s unusual for them to be challenged like Boehner was challenged Tuesday. It will be harder the next time. But we cannot allow House Republicans one minute of celebration over what they just did. They need daily reminders that they made a bad choice – one their constituents strongly reject.

That’s why I am back to ask you to pour it on.

I’m not asking anyone who has already participated in this program to do it again. Quite the opposite. I am appealing to those who have not yet joined the campaign. Just think about how close we came Tuesday. If we had generated 1 million letters, would it have made a difference? You know it would have.

So we can’t stop now.

We need to return to representative government – and we don’t have that with John Boehner in leadership. He needs to go. He detests you and what you believe in. He’s comfortable with the direction of the country right now. He’s profiting from it.

So please take a few minutes right now to join the “Dump Boehner Now!” campaign. It is the most cost-effective way to amplify your voice on Capitol Hill.

And one more thing: Spread the word! Let everyone you know who shares your desperate concerns for the future of this country to take action – before it is too late.

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