Exterminate the Islamic State – and put it on TV

By Ted Nugent

In this day and age of runaway barbaric terrorism, could anyone possibly be left speechless upon hearing of a person getting rabies from petting a mouth-foaming rabid dog?

Could anyone possibly be left speechless if you heard a person got bit by a rattlesnake following an attempt to French kiss the reptile?

Should anyone be left speechless if they see a story on their local news of another toothless meth-head zombie kicking down someone’s door and stealing all their valuables?

Could anyone possibly be left speechless if you heard of a person repeatedly stabbing himself in the knee with an ice pick and then complaining he had trouble walking?

Presumably, Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe would be left speechless at the aforementioned examples of pure lunacy. Reason: He was left “speechless” after reviewing a video of the Islamic State voodoo monsters beheading one of the two Japanese hostages.

No one should be left speechless at whatever barbaric acts the Islamic State either does or threatens to do, including sawing the heads off of their hostages. Rabid is as rabid does.

Instead of being left “speechless” after watching the rabid voodoo Islamic monster slice the head off of one of their hostages, Prime Minster Abe should have said, “We expect nothing less from these rabid subhumans. Killing our hostage doesn’t shock me. What it does is bolster us. Japan is going to work even closer with the United States and other allies to rid these vermin and all who support them from the planet.”

For every hostage beheaded, the leaders of the free world should publicly proclaim that, in addition to these specific Islamic State voodoo monsters we are already dedicated to turning into little greasy piles of goo, we will kill 10,000 additional Islamic State rabid dogs and the other Islamic voodoo scabs who support them.

We shouldn’t use words such as “bringing the killers to justice.” What we should say is that rabid Islamic State vermin should expect to have a smart bomb visit them for breakfast tomorrow morning.

If he actually qualified as a real leader, Mr. Obama would hold a press conference immediately where, surrounded by all our military top brass scowling at the camera, he states unambiguously that it is our clear and present objective to kill every Islamic vermin on the planet.

Once he’s done talking there should be a big television screen behind him with a live video of a missile or bomb blowing up some voodoo vermin training location.

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We should televise the extermination of the rabid Islamic State cockroaches to let the world know that, finally, America means business.

Our Department of Defense should broadcast every day a live video on the Internet of a bomb turning some Islamic State rabid voodoo vermin epicenter into a broiling grease spot. It should be mandatory viewing by every high school in the free world. These kids need to know that the modern version of the Third Reich, known as the Islamic State, will also be bombed into extermination until their evil threat is terminated.

No world leader should ever use words like “speechless” to describe whatever rabid acts the Islamic State takes. That’s playing into their rabid hands. Big mistake. The only time any world leader should ever use the word “speechless” is to describe the awesome power of our bombs and missiles.

Don’t be shocked or speechless at anything the rabid Islamic State does. Rabid dogs will bite you, meth-head zombies will eat you, and the voodoo Islamic State will saw the heads off of their hostages. We must eliminate them all. It is time for us to leave them truly speechless and lifeless.

Broadcast the extermination of the Islamic State. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than by watching the celebration of good over evil as we turn these rats into crow bait and sand mulch.

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