Is a war inevitable between Israel and the terrorist regime of Iran? When it comes, will America back their most important ally in the Middle East? In a world turned upside down, Israel becomes increasingly ostracized, while Iran – a nation that has made no secret of wishing Israel’s destruction – pursues nuclear weapons loudly, proudly and without apparent fear of rebuke.

Focus On Israel examines the greatest present danger to Israel’s survival. This threat extends far beyond Israel and is a dire threat to the Western world as well. On the program, Laurie Cardoza-Moore makes it abundantly clear how important that every American immediately and persistently contact their congressional leaders.

The Obama administration is bending over backwards to accommodate the Iranian regime. Obama’s desire to have a foreign policy victory could endanger each and every one of us. The easing of sanctions and continued delay in finalizing a must-stop solution to this crisis is reaching a level of grave danger. Iran must not have the means or the ability to build a nuclear weapon; this is not a point of negotiation.

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We have a new Senate and new Congress who must now go above this administration and not only reinstitute all previous sanctions, but also vote to increase pressure on Iran. Iran’s scientists are working around the clock to develop nuclear weapons, and the continual delay and appeasement by the current U.S. administration spells danger for Israel and the West.

Each day we delay allows Iran to continue its work under a cloak of secrecy. Many Christians stood by during the Nazi’s Jewish holocaust. Christians must not stand by again as Iran plans to launch another Holocaust. We must not fool ourselves: Evil exists, and today, evil is personified in the Iranian regime. Iran’s potential weapons are even more horrific than Hilter’s gas chambers in that they are capable of killing millions in minutes.

The twisted goal of Iran’s mullahs is to hasten the return of the Shiite Muslim’s messiah, the 12th Imam. The 12th Imam, according to some Shiites, is a great spiritual savior called Muhammad al Mahdi. They believe him to be a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed whose main goal is to establish a worldwide Islamic state. Iran’s leadership are deeply committed Shiite Muslims and speak openly about praying for the return of the Mahdi.

Should Iran be treated seriously? Absolutely, and Bible prophecy holds the key. By comparing and contrasting what the Bible says about end-time prophecy with Shiite beliefs, it is evident that the 12th Imam is Christianity’s antichrist. Muslim theology instructs that in order to bring about the return of the Mahdi, believers must initiate and spread as much death and destruction throughout the world as humanly possible.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become a major sponsor of Middle-East terror regimes and states including Iran. This program features a segment from “Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West.” This documentary exposes this dangerous axis and how Russia has provided modern missile weaponry and nuclear technology to Iran.

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This program also features the recent speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations. By all accounts it is a brilliant and impassioned call for the world to stand against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He made it clear that the time for negotiations may well be over and that a nuclear Iran would essentially be a nuclear-armed ISIS. Any deal that allows Iran to maintain its nuclear infrastructure, keep its missile technology and allow it to reap financial rewards by lifting economic sanctions must be completed rejected by Congress.

Watch this important Focus On Israel program:

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