It’s time for Al Sharpton to go

By Mychal Massie

It is time for Al Sharpton to go, and I’m not talking about him going to Hades, he is handling that eventuality quite well on his own.

Sharpton’s MSNBC bio reads in part, “With over 40 years of experience as a community leader, politician, minister and advocate, [he] is one of America’s most-renowned civil rights leaders. Sharpton’s highly visible career began at the tender age of four when he preached his first sermon.”

Sharpton is no civil rights leader. He is a liar, a criminal, a snitch and an inciter of violence and racial animus. Booker T. Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King and Sen. Everett Dirksen, R-Ill., were civil rights leaders. They worked to elevate America; Sharpton works to embroil America in a zeitgeist of racial division.

Sharpton’s legacy to date includes Tawana Brawley. Sharpton’s wanton lies signaled a rapacious mentality and a willingness to falsely malign individuals and an entire city if it helped elevate him. He falsely accused six white men of raping Brawley, writing racial epithets on her body and smearing feces on her. Despite Sharpton being proven an unmitigated liar in the Brawley case, he has never apologized for his blatant lies or so much as offered a single explanation for his lies.

Sharpton’s so-called activism includes Freddie’s Fashion Mart where his baneful histrionics led to a black gunman entering the store and indiscriminately shooting customers and setting the store on fire. He has also repeatedly encouraged vitriol against Jewish groups in New York.

Sharpton has forged his career on inciting racial discord at every opportunity.

But for all of Sharpton’s lies and his inciting shootings and mayhem, his fallacious accusations and maligning of law enforcement in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York has led to the murders of two members of New York Police Department and numerous other police shootings across the country as retribution for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The law enforcement officers involved in the deaths of Brown and Garner were found innocent of wrongdoing, just as George Zimmerman was found justified in his shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

But Sharpton doesn’t believe in the rule of law; he believes in fomenting insurrection. And yet, MSNBC continues to air his pathetic excuse for intellectual programming.

MSNBC may see nothing wrong with showcasing a person who has been and FBI snitch against the mobsters for whom he was allegedly selling cocaine. MSNBC may not have a problem with showcasing a reprehensible liar and inciter of violence, but I am certain that with persuasion, the sponsors of his show will see otherwise.

I’m asking that every member of law enforcement, their families, friends and anyone connected in any way to law enforcement to join in refusing to spend one cent of your money on any products made, sold, distributed and/or associated with Sharpton’s sponsors.

Sharpton’s pernicious hebephrenia pursuant to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner is undeniably responsible for blacks nationwide taking up arms against law enforcement. Do the sponsors of his show want to be associated with the person responsible for police officers nationwide being shot and killed?

I am specifically asking New York law enforcement to join in condemnation of the vicious marplot whose actions have directly led to NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. Add to Officers Liu and Ramos who were ambushed and assassinated, those officers who were shot in Florida, California and other states. Add to Liu and Ramos those officers who are now living under literal death threats even as they work to protect our communities.

If law enforcement across the country and even around the world joins in the boycott of Sharpton’s sponsors, MSNBC will have no choice but to divest itself of him. Boycotting Sharpton’s sponsors will also make other companies wary of doing business with him.

Sharpton has made a lifelong career out of knowingly lying and inciting death, mayhem and racial unrest. By joining together and by committing to boycott companies associated with Sharpton, we have the opportunity to silence one of America’s most malicious race mongers.

Sharpton is not untouchable. He is a gutless coward who hides behind tinted glass and MSNBC. And it is time for us to send him to the ash heaps of history.

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