Trans-humanism, alien invasions, artificial intelligence: Nothing will be off limits for a new prophecy show that launched this week called SkyWatchTV.

The brainchild of longtime author and student of Bible prophecy Tom Horn, SkyWatchTV launched its website and first online program Thursday and will soon be available on a host of cable TV channels.

Horn says the show will address many themes traditionally of interest to Christians in a new-media format.

Horn describes SkyWatch as a combination of ABC’s “20/20” and the popular “Unsolved Mysteries” series, but presented through the lens of an evangelical Christian worldview.

“Good doctrine is really important,” Horn said. “If people are asking questions, and they are, what are aliens? If you watch the movies right now every movie is dealing with trans-humanist themes, or dealing with alien themes, they’re also dealing with apocalyptic themes, and so people have questions and if the church isn’t providing answers they’re going to go to New Age sources or other scurrilous sources to get answers.

“Any of us old-schoolers are watching the sky,” he said. “We know the return of Jesus Christ is close, but before that moment there could be things that are happening around the world and people need answers to those questions.”

SkyWatch released its first 30-minute show Thursday on its new website,

“We have about eight of those shows in the can right now, and we’ve put some together as pilot shows to provide content for the networks,” Horn told WND. “We are going on DirecTV in about a month.”

Horn said in a few weeks the new production company’s programs will be included on channels offered through DirecTV, such as the Church Channel, DayStar and other networks.

The first show features educator Dr. Michael Lake, author of “The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition,” which delves into the story of Nimrod and the biblical Tower of Babel.

“He’s using that as a metaphor or what might be a literal fulfillment of the second coming of Nimrod,” Horn said.

In the Bible, Nimrod is an early forerunner or type of the Antichrist.

In Babylon, Nimrod devised a plan for the enslaving of humanity and the war against the God of Heaven. God’s intervention at the Tower of Babel only delayed Nimrod’s plans, and the powers of Mystery Babylon are gathering now to create the new Tower of Babel and to prepare for the Son of Perdition’s return, according to SkyWatch’s promo for the show.

“Heaven is issuing a clarion call to the Remnant: Know the strategies of the enemy, untangle yourself from them, and become the victorious Church,” the promo reads.

“It connects him, Nimrod, to Mystery Babylon in Revelation and takes on much of that same spirit of shaking one’s fist in the face of God,” Horn told WND.

Watch the first 30-minute episode with Tom Horn and Michael Lake below. 

SkyWatchTV has opened in a new studio in a former Albertson’s grocery store in Crane, Missouri. That building will eventually house a second studio that is planned for a Christian women’s version of “The View,”  only “without Whoopie Goldberg,” Horn said. He also has plans for a quarterly prophecy magazine and an annual prophecy conference.

Horn has hired Derek and Sharon Gilbert to host a daily news update program.

“Derrick was a top-10 radio host out of St. Louis for many years,” he said. “Sharon has a degree in biology and will provide a science update, and they’ll be talking about whatever is in the news from the standpoint of how we view it with a biblical world view.”

A piece with Sharon Gilbert’s take on the biblical plagues will be among the first pilot shows pitched to cable TV networks, Horn said. She is the author of “Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.”

“What I love about Sharon is she’s not only academically qualified and engaging and articulate, but Sharon also believes in Bible prophecy,” Horn said. “So she believes that the day is coming where one of these contagions, whether it’s some form of Ebola or the bird flu, or something else, might be one of those plagues that are spoken of in scripture.”

Gary Stearman is anchor for the main 30-minute show that will air weekly.

Horn believes there is a major opportunity to bring investigative journalism to the Christian, prophetic realm.

One such investigative project SkyWatch has in the works will focus on unidentified flying objects sighted over the area of Sedona, Arizona.

“We’ve just paid to fly Chris Putnam to Sedona and find out why it’s the number one place in the country for anomalous activity. Even the New York Times has written articles about it, and even our own government intelligence sources claim they have investigated it, but of course that could be a cover-up for the military testing some high-tech aircraft,” Horn said. “They caught a very large triangular UFO in the sky. It wasn’t a speck on the camera, and it was from two different camera angles so we’re having that analyzed. But that is just one example of what will make us different from what other prophecy shows are doing.”

Another of the first shows that has been pre-recorded is a piece called “In Human,” which tackles the new reality of trans-humanism.

“This will be released early this year as a documentary film but we’ll also do portions on SkyWatchTV as a televised investigative report,” Horn said.

SkyWatch has also delved into the dark side of mankind, with a piece called “Redeemed Unredeemable,” featuring interviews with infamous serial killers such as Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz and Charles “Tex” Watson, who was the main hit man for the Charles Manson family. What spurred these seemingly demonic killers to convert to Christianity? The show will provide answers.

“Redeemed Unredeemable: When America’s Most Notorious Criminals Come Face to Face with God” is based on a book of the same title by Horn and Donna Howell.

A team from SkyWatch is also investigating Mount Graham International Observatory in Arizona. Research for this project is being pulled from a book that will soon be published called “On the Path of the Immortals.”

“The Vatican has a strong presence up there with an advanced telescope, and astronomers from around the world use that mountain,” Horn said.

This presence by the Vatican and others has been strongly opposed by the Apache Indians.

“When we went up there to meet with the Jesuits we assumed that the reasons the Apache Indians didn’t want them up there was because it was sacred ground, because their forefathers died there,” Horn said. “We found that wasn’t true but rather because it’s one of four mountains in the world sacred to all Indians because they consider it a sky portal and people go in and out of this reality as part of their creation story.”

The team found that several Native American cultures believe giants came through the portal, and at some point their sun god started wiping out Indian populations with a flood.

“If you follow their creation myth, it’s almost their version of the Old Testament: Lucifer becomes a deceiver of the world, and then God sends a flood,” Horn said. “We’re meeting with a 92-year-old leader from the Navaho tribe who is now a convert to Christianity, and they’re going to tell us that story of creation in the ancient Navaho language, and we’re going to run subtitles telling that story.”

In another segment, author Terry James will discuss his new book called “Anti-Christ Chronicles: The Rise of Earth’s Final Fuhrer.”

SkyWatchTV will function as a nonprofit enterprise and viewers can make tax-deductible charitable donations.

SkyWatchTV also posts its programs on its Youtube channel and episodes will be available soon through the Roku pay-per-view media service.

“Our new website is completely mobile ready, will adjust to tablet or phone or whatever you’re looking at,” Horn said. “A few weeks from now there will be a lot more options.”

With its current contracts through DayStar and DirecTV the show has to potential to reach an audience of 55 million, Horn said. “And we’ve put the initial budget in place to do that.

“We’re working hard,” Horn said. “We’re working overtime.”

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