I am proposing a call to action like I have never done before, and I want to challenge all liberty-loving patriots to take part.

I have put a lot of time into this formula and developed it over almost 20 years of extremely active presidential nomination activism. This activism is devoted to choosing a presidential nominee who will truly work for the taxpayers and not Wall Street – one who will lead like Reagan, demanding better foreign policy and stimulating the economy. This nominee has the potential to be even better than Reagan at slashing the federal intrusions in our life and reducing the ridiculous size and scope of government. If that sounds good to you, please follow the logic here, share it with your friends and commit to it.

This is a plan to end the stranglehold of the establishment giving us a choice between a big-government Republican and a bigger-government Democrat. Only Reagan has understood this in recent history, and so it is his plan more than mine.

The activist’s plan

Every presidential cycle, disaffected Republicans mull over the crop of candidates and potential candidates. As we bicker over details like whether executive experience is more important than foreign-policy experience, the establishment laughs at us. They picked their guy years ahead of us. They are getting financial commitments and have Karl Rove lined up to serve as master consultant. So while we divide ourselves between perennial candidates like Ron Paul, Rick Santorum or Donald Trump, the establishment is focused. How can we win when they have all the money and the media, and we are divided five ways or more?

What could we do if we were focused? Trevor Loudon of New Zeal Blog points out that there are roughly 1,000 active members of the Communist Party USA. They defeated the leftist establishment choice in the “done deal” that was Hillary Clinton with Obama. What could millions of patriots do if they figured out how to get organized?

The first thing we do is start whittling down the field with this three-part presidential nominee test:

1) Right on the issues. Commitment to cutting the size, cost, scope and power of the federal government: Does the candidate steadfastly commit to reforming the federal government to only those areas which are authorized in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution? This eliminates more than 90 percent of the field. One should certainly insert any of a number of so-called social issues in here.

2) Demonstrated character to stand for those issues once elected. Do not settle for someone who flip-flops or needs a teleprompter to remember what he believes.

3) Viability. The top of the ticket must have previously won a statewide election. This eliminates everyone who has not won either a governor race or a Senate seat.

Next, there are three things the individual activist can start doing right now using this activist plan.

1) Organize your sphere of influence. Build your Facebook and Twitter followings, and grow your networks. Share this plan with your friends and followers. Join Facebook groups of other patriots, and share this with them as well. Share it with national groups like the Conservative Party of America, the libertarians and tea-party groups. In a week, we could have millions working in the same focused way.

2) Support the “rightward most viable candidate” as suggested by the brilliant William F. Buckley Jr. He was fighting this fight before most of us were born. The principle is simple: You may love Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert or Trey Gowdy (and who among us doesn’t?), but if they do not pass the first test for whittling down the list of candidates, we need to be disciplined and hold them in the wings for the next cycle.

3) Follow the 11th commandment, as laid out by Ronald Reagan. Your preference today may never even materialize. You can have private or even social media discussions about the advantages of one over another, but the candidate you are running down today may be the candidate we need to unite behind tomorrow. Start supporting the best candidate who passes the presidential nominee test.

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A word on our candidates

I want to call patriots to resist the propaganda of “electability.” We need to back a true patriot with a proven ability to win. If all patriots would follow this plan, we could elect whomever we wanted. It requires discipline and a form of compromise. Rand Paul may not be Ron, but he is not in the oligarchy. He is also probably fifth on my list, but far above Bush, Romney and Christie. If you are fabulously wealthy and vested in big government personally, then vote for those three. If not, and you are impressed by the idea of a Bush, Romney or Christie run, you just might be a good and loyal useful idiot. Sorry to be blunt. I have a country to save for my children.

The establishment formula says to run someone “electable.” Romney lost to the president who anyone could have beaten. No thanks. I’m not settling for losing with milquetoast establishment yawners. We lose 75 percent of the time with them. Dole, McCain and Romney supposedly were each fine examples of electability. The record proves that “electability” isn’t so electable after all.

I want a candidate who will break the lock grip of Wall Street, eliminate a few cabinet departments and be strong on foreign policy. Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie may each have attractive attributes, but none can be trusted to buck the system.

Now, I want to set the table for choosing with a quick word on some of our possible candidates and why we need to keep our powder dry on this short list. Marco Rubio made moves this week. Many patriots are frustrated with him over his immigration “Gang of Eight” position. Rubio was thrust in over his head and negotiated the best bill he could. It is a process. Any senator can tell you that they have sent many bills to the other chamber fully intending to be sure it comes back better. Avoid blaming a senator for the bill he sends to the House. Blame him for what he sends to the chief executive.

Ted Cruz is awesome. He takes all the right stands and set the bar on many conservative ratings. We could do no better than him, were he in the White House. However, for those favoring minority outreach, Rubio may be a notch up on Cruz in the viability scale. Let’s support both for now.

Rand Paul is another very exciting potential candidate. He moves people who the old-school GOP has trouble reaching. He is probably fifth on my list, as the narrative of his father on our foreign policy history is identical to the propaganda of the Marxists. We are in the world because we need to be. The world was a very bad place with piracy, limited trade and limited free travel before we began “policing” it. We are not imperialists. When we conquer land, we give it back. If you hate our foreign policy, you either hate America or just never read the right material on how blessed we are and rare we are in that. Rand may hold nuanced differences, but he needs to lay out his views. What would he do with ISIS and the slaughter of Christians and Yazidis?

Scott Walker is scoring big on the surveys I am seeing. If you fall into the school that we need a chief executive, he trumps Perry, Kasich and any other governor in the potential field right now. Read this post by Ryan Gurdusky if you have concern that he has no college degree.

Patriots united

Here is the big plan. Starting today, I want you to commit to applying the presidential nominee test, picking a candidate and following the activists plan. Get to work for your candidate in any way you can. Were each of us to do that, each candidate would have a million supporters or more. Sign up for their email list and check the boxes to volunteer and even donate. Send $25.

Let’s all agree to reassess at a certain date and then unite behind the clear leader. I propose the first Republican debate in Iowa in August. I will do a post after that debate and make my pick, but I will invite comments. We will look at specific criteria like which candidate polls well among patriots and has raised the most money. We need to be disciplined and not emotional. Who has the juice? That is who we back.

The wisest course to win against the oligarchy, and get a candidate who will work for us and not them, is for patriots to unite behind one candidate truly independent of the establishment. Should the disappointing day come when Romney, Bush or Christie is our nominee, we remember Buckley. These guys will appoint slightly better judges and will throw us an occasional conservative bone, but they will continue the DNC-GOP establishment pattern of protecting Wall Street and status quo big government. But they are far better than anyone who could get the nomination by today’s Democratic Party. If you fear that day as I do, then get disciplined and get to work. We need you!

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