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Police release wild video of Ferguson looting

(Hotair) This closed-circuit security camera footage is absolutely amazing. In a video recently released by local police in Missouri, at least 180 looters are shown pillaging a market in the city of Dellwood, a town neighboring Ferguson that was subject to violent riots in the wake of a grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The images of the violent property destruction showcased in that video are positively astonishing.

The surveillance video features a variety of unmasked young men attempting for nearly two-and-a-half minutes to break through a secure door. After repeatedly failing in that task, the industrious rioters simply break down the building’s adjacent wall. The barrier having been removed, a deluge of looters cascade into the store and proceed to nearly empty it of contents in little more than 200 seconds.