Satanic coloring book kills Bible giveaway

By Around the Web

(WFTV) — ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — In about a week, students in Orange County high schools could have been picking up Bibles or pamphlets about atheism on nationally recognized Religious Freedom Day, but it’s all on hold for now because of concerns fueled by a coloring book from the Satanic Temple.

“It seems like the momentum right now is to a policy that would exclude all religious materials, which is unnecessary,” said attorney Roger Gannam.

Gannam is one of the attorneys representing the Christian group that left Bibles in schools the last few years.

He’s concerned they could lose the opportunity all together, which is what David Williamson and his atheist group said they’ve been hoping to accomplish.

“We don’t want our schools to become religious battlefields,” said Williamson.

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