Clint Spotleson

Clint Spotleson

Just in time for the new year, a bartender in Phoenix, Arizona, got the surprise of a lifetime: $11,000 from an anonymous giver who signs his receipts, “Tips for Jesus.”

According to a report in the Arizona Republic, the big tipper left the money at Crudo, “a hip, farm-to-table restaurant and bar.”

“Everything was starting to wrap up on a Saturday night,” Clint Spotleson, the fortunate bartender, told the Republic. “We had just started breaking down the bar. And he comes strolling in.”

Spotleson explains the mystery tipper and a female companion closed out their first check, a bill for $331.40, by tacking on a $1,000 tip – just the latest in a string of massive gratuities left by the anonymous diner who typically leaves thousands of dollars per visit, then documents his servers’ joy on an an Instagram account.

On the Instagram account, the tipper explains he’s “doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”

This time, however, the mystery man left his first tip then reportedly said, “You know, I’ll have another round.”

Spotleson explained when it came time to pay the second bill – $89.89 – the man said, “Let’s have fun with this one.”

And by “fun,” he meant leaving a $10,000 tip.

Two checks from the Crudo restaurant and bar, totaling $11,000 in tips

Two checks from the Crudo restaurant and bar, totaling $11,000 in tips

In that moment, the Republic reports, Spotleson said he almost dropped everything in his hands.

“But I kept composure, because the guests were right in front of me at the time. We still had seven or eight people in the bar at the time,” he said. “I just acted like nothing really happened.”

Spotleson reportedy shared the $11,000 in tips with another bartender, a cocktail server and the kitchen staff.

“It’s unreal,” Spotleson told the Republic. “It’s crazy, absolutely crazy. And it’s cool too, because I’ve been having some car issues.”

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