GloZell Green announces her interview of President Obama

GloZell Green announces her interview of President Obama

Meet the woman who will interview Obama Tuesday: GloZell Green – the green lipstick-wearing YouTube sensation who earned notoriety by gagging and swallowing a ladle full of cinnamon.

The Los Angeles-based YouTube star begins her clips by asking her viewers, “Hello this is Glozell! Is you OK? Is you? Good, ’cause I wanted to know!'” said the interview after the president’s State of the Union address will be an example of “efforts by the president and his administration to speak directly to the American people online, and we’re always looking for new ways to do just that.”

GloZell Lynette Simon, who featured videos such as “My push-up bra will help me get my man,” reportedly set up her YouTube channel in 2008 for video interviews and song parodies. Now she is one of three YouTube stars selected to interview Obama.

In her announcement of the upcoming video, GloZell said: “I am so excited because I have been asked to interview POTUS – the president of the United States of Americ-errr. I know you’re like, what did she just say? I know, the president of the United States!”

Watch the video of her announcement:

“I need questions. Please, please, please, please. … I hope the president likes green,” she says. “I’m gonna play it cool, be like, ‘Yo, whaz up? OK, president, O, I’m ready, AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

She ends her announcement with a warning not to cough on the president, and a bout of hacking and wheezing.

GloZell has suggested she may ask the president questions about “racial profiling” and “peanut butter or jelly.”

In a previous episode of her show, GloZell bathed in a tub filled with milk and Froot Loops. She eats the cereal while thrashing about in the tub:


In yet another clip, she holds onions to her face and tries not to cry:


GloZell has even provided tips on how to perform a breast exam:



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