President Hollande of France, a hard-left socialist of the sort who began bankrupting that once-great nation in 1789, said this about the Muslim terrorists who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the Jewish grocery siege:

“Those who committed these acts have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

Now, why did President Hollande say that? Is he not aware of the vicious anti-Semitism of the Islamic extremists in his country? Is he not aware that the terrorist murders in France were carried out by thugs screeching “Allahu Akbar“?

Of course, the effete and ineffectual occupant of the Elysée Palace is aware of these things. But he does not care. What matters to him is that 93 percent of the Muslims who voted in the presidential election voted for him. What matters to him is that the more Muslim immigrants he lets into France, the more socialist votes he will get.

Hence his cynical pretense that the slaughterers of his fellow countrymen “have nothing to do with the Muslim religion,” when the truth is that they have everything to do with it.

Here, as in so many other fields, the left will simply lie because the lie is politically advantageous to it. President Hollande knows that there are at least 9 million Muslims in France. They are arriving at such a rapid rate that no one knows for sure just how many there are. But there are a lot. And very, very nearly all of them vote socialist. Totalitarians will always stand by other totalitarians.

But here’s the problem – for France and for many other European nations. We are killing so many of our own citizens by abortion that the Muslims, who are morally superior to us in that they do not believe in killing unborn children, will soon outnumber us.

How soon? Very soon. In Russia, Muslims already account for more than half the population. Even in Britain, which still theoretically retains some sort of immigration control, the left has deliberately turned a blind eye to mass Muslim immigration.

Mr. Obama is no better than President Hollande. He was once caught on camera bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, and I have long suspected that the rather artificial stramash during his first election campaign about his worshiping at the tabernacle of an extremist Christian preacher was a calculated move by his spin-doctors to pretend that he is a Christian when he is ideologically far more inclined toward Islam.

Be that as it may, six in 10 of the French prison population are Muslims. France is not only importing and breeding Muslims: In doing so, she is importing and breeding crime. Why? Because – and this cannot be too often stressed – the Quran preaches violence and death against non-Muslims. Kill or maim an infidel and, under the Quranic disposition, you commit no crime.

The apologists for Muslim terror, such as President Hollande, are prone to mumble passages from the Quran like, “You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion,” saying that the hatred and murder of infidels that is advocated and preached on almost every page should be interpreted in the light of the gentler passages.

Any such suggestion, unfortunately, is false. For the prophet became ever more extreme throughout his life. And the rule of interpretation followed by Islamic scholars is that the later passages in the Quran – the “sword verses,” for instance, which call upon all Muslims to kill unbelievers – abrogate the earlier, gentler passages.

Now, none of this is to say that every Muslim spends every waking moment scheming to work out how many infidels he can kill. The problem is far worse than that. In the Christian religion, slaughtering the unbeliever is forbidden (and even then the history of Christianity has many disfiguring episodes where Christians disobeyed their Master’s plain instructions and killed those with whose beliefs they disagreed).

But in Islam, the official, holy book that is read out in the mosques every Friday actively and repeatedly preaches hatred and murder of those who do not share the beliefs of Muslims. To put it at its simplest, the Quran not only does not regard the murder of infidels as a sin: It regards it as praiseworthy and actively encourages it.

Fortunately, Islam has not been able to stamp out civilization even among its own ranks. Most Muslims are peaceable, and are willing to pay no attention to the numerous passages – some five-eighths of the entire text, according to one analysis – that advocate hatred and murder of those who do not share their faith.

So President Hollande should have chosen his words with a great deal more care. There is, of course, a direct connection between the incitements to murder that appear in the Quran and the murders in the name of the Quran that have occurred in Paris, London, New York and elsewhere in the world. At least 95 percent of all terrorist acts in the past two decades were performed in the name of Allah.

What President Hollande should have said, and what we should say, is that the majority of Muslims would not themselves endorse the murders being perpetrated worldwide in the name of their faith. That would be fair. It is not for us to assume that, merely because the Quran preaches hatred and murder, every Muslim is prone to act in accordance with the contents of that bloodthirsty book.

However, the moderate Muslims and their imams should surely be much more vigorous and clear-spoken than they have been in condemning the atrocities that are now being committed all over the world in the name of their faith.

Western politicians, including Mr. Obama, should now be openly calling upon moderate Muslim leaders everywhere to be trenchant in their denunciation of the acts of Islamic violence and murder that are now routine. For if there is one thing we should all have learned from the 20th century – the century of totalitarianism – it is that remaining culpably silent when one could and should have spoken out will always be taken by extremists as a sign of weakness.

Being nice about Islamic terror will merely breed more Islamic terror. Just as moderate Muslim leaders must now speak out firmly and clearly against the Islamic extremists, so must the leaders of the Western leftist factions for whom the Muslims vote. President Hollande, who has lied about the Islamic connection to the acts of murder in his country, and has done so for reasons of selfish political advantage, should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

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