A gift horse named Obama

By Burt Prelutsky

Not since Santa Claus was in short pants has anyone been as generous as Obama when it comes to bestowing gifts. But unlike Santa, Obama insists on rewarding those who have been naughty and turning into Scrooge when it comes to those who are nice.

Although all it would take to bring about immigration reform is for Obama to build a 21st century fence along our southern border, he keeps it as porous as possible because he wants the nation flooded with future Democrats.

Actually, before erecting a barrier that would solve the problem for the states in the southwest, Obama would be more likely to officially cede Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California back to Mexico, and let Nevada, Oregon, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Colorado inherit the border problem.

In 2012, Obama was overheard telling the Russians that after the election he would be more flexible. Putin got the message and soon consumed Crimea and made inroads into eastern Ukraine.

What we didn’t realize was that behind closed doors, he must have told the Castro brothers and Iran’s mullahs that on their behalf he would turn himself into a virtual Gumby.

According to Israpundit, the U.S. recently intervened in the Argentine probe of the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 and seriously injured 151.

The probe, it seems, was getting uncomfortably close to identifying Ali Akbar Velayati, Iran’s one-time foreign minister, as the mastermind of the plot. The man has been on Interpol’s most-wanted list since 2007 and was the subject of an international arrest warrant.

So why would the U.S. intervene on his behalf? Apparently, it was because Iran made it a condition before agreeing to take part in the ongoing-going-nowhere nuclear negotiations. Inasmuch as two of the countries taking part in the talks are Russia and China, otherwise known as Iran’s major allies in the world, you can see how desperate Obama and Kerry are to have Iran merely seen sitting at the table.

But, then, this is the same administration that was so desperate to make it appear they were bringing peace to the Middle East that they paid the so-called Palestinians millions of dollars to remain at the negotiating table with Israel, even though everyone knew the talks between Israel and those sworn to her extinction were pointless. With Obama, though, optics, as usual, is everything, which is why he used the State of the Union address as just another campaign speech.

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I’m sure Obama and Kerry would insist it was just a coincidence that Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found shot to death just hours before he was scheduled to appear before the Argentine Congress to provide evidence that President Cristina Kirchner intentionally concealed Teheran’s connection to the bombing.

Of course, it isn’t news when it comes to Argentina or the U.S. protecting Nazis from their just deserts; both made a habit of it after World War II. Argentina did it because Juan Peron shared Hitler’s politics, the U.S. because we craved Nazi know-how when it came to missiles and nuclear physics.

But the idea of shielding a mortal enemy nation merely for the sake of looking serious about Iran and its nuclear ambitions is a novel, despicable and absolutely indefensible motive.

The world, it should be said, is fortunate that the Islamics lack German brain power, because they are in fact viler than the Nazis. I have come to that conclusion because, one, the Nazis had nothing against the modern world except that it included Jews, Catholics, communists, gypsies, homosexuals and the physically/mentally retarded, but, mainly, because Germany didn’t rule it. They appreciated art and music, as well as architecture, literature, athletics and beautiful women. It’s only the Islamics who seek to return the world to the gutter of the 8th century.

Moreover, the Nazis sought by every means possible to conceal the cattle cars, slave labor and gas ovens from the eyes of the world. The Muslims, on the other hand, display their barbarism on social media and have turned beheadings and crucifixions into regular TV fare.

But proving that America isn’t the only nation saddled with obnoxious politicians, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, who is now running for a seat in the Knesset, called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his address to Congress, lest it jeopardize the relationship between our two countries.

If I had Mr. Oren’s ear, I would ask him just what relationship he has in mind. The one I’m aware of is the one in which Obama never objects to Hamas firing missiles into Israel, but condemns Israel whenever Israel tries to put a stop to it. The one I’m aware of is the one that winks at Iran’s promoting terrorism around the globe, while condemning Israel for building apartment houses within its own borders. The pusillanimous one, in short, that calls Netanyahu “chickens–t” while simultaneously bowing and scraping to the followers of Islam.

To me, it sounds like Mr. Oren shouldn’t be running for the Knesset, but, rather, for the U.S. Senate from, say, California, New York or Vermont.

While people kept wondering why the media made such a big deal out of the slightly underinflated balls New England used in creaming Indianapolis 45-7, I figured out that the liberal media hate patriots so much, they don’t care if it’s the name of a football team, a Republican candidate for president or an American hero named Chris Kyle. The fact is the Patriots were so much better than the Colts, they’d have won even if their quarterback Tom Brady had been forced to throw Porky the Pig to his wide receivers.

Finally, I kept asking myself why Obama didn’t swap some of those jihadists he keeps releasing from Gitmo for the Japanese hostages. At least we would have finally had something to show for returning these unrepentant creeps to the battlefields of Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

All I could come up with was that our Santa Claus-wannabe didn’t wish in any way to tarnish the generous spirit in which he showers gifts on ISIS, al-Qaida and the Taliban.

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